IHG reports China Outbound tourism potential

first_imgInterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has partnered with Oxford Economics to publish a comprehensive study into the Chinese travel market.The report reveals the scale of the opportunity for global travel destinations to benefit from shifting patterns in Chinese travel, with Melbourne and the Gold Coast in Australia due to see an uplift.The Future of Chinese Travel report shows that favourable economic and demographic trends shaping the Chinese travel market are set to fuel huge increases in demand for international travel over the next decade.Sydney and Melbourne are named amongst cities with the highest lengths of stay compared to other long-haul city destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.By 2023, it is projected that Chinese arrivals in Australian cities will increase dramatically, with Melbourne set to increase by 109 per cent, Sydney is set to increase by 98 per cent, and also a 90 per cent increase in Brisbane and 86 per cent increase in the Gold Coast.IHG chief executive officer Richard Solomons, said this is a ground-breaking piece of research, which demonstrates the sheer scale of the ‘China outbound’ opportunity.“Chinese households able to take long-haul trips by 2023, the country’s growing importance in the global travel market cannot be underestimated. With 30 years of experience in China, the recent launch of our new Chinese brand, HUALUXE Hotels and Restaurants, and the roll-out of our China Ready programme, IHG is well-placed to meet this growing demand,” Mr Solomons said.Tourism Australia managing director John O’Sullivan, said having a clear China strategy was critical if the Australian tourism industry was to fully leverage the projected increase.“China now represents Australia’s second largest and most valuable inbound tourism market, already worth more than A$5 billion a year and with the potential to reach more than S13 billion by the end of the decade,” Mr O’Sullivan said.“With so many other countries now competing so fiercely for the market, we can’t afford to take success for granted. This means understanding what Chinese travellers are looking for in an overseas holiday and developing our tourism experiences to better fit their needs and expectations.”Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Hernandez The citizens of Michigan demand we improve our roads without raising

first_img08Jun Hernandez: ‘The citizens of Michigan demand we improve our roads without raising taxes’ Categories: Hernandez News Lansing – State Representative Shane Hernandez (R-Port Huron) praised the transportation budget that moved out of conference committee today with major changes to what Governor Snyder originally offered.  Throughout budget negotiations, Rep. Hernandez has insisted that the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) shift money away from administrative and planning costs, and put those funds towards fixing Michigan roads.“While this budget doesn’t go as far as I would like, I do think it’s a good first step,” said Hernandez, “I’d like to thank Senator Geoff Hansen, Chair Laura Cox, and the rest of my colleagues on the appropriation committee for supporting our efforts to improve the transportation budget.   The citizens of Michigan demand we improve our roads without raising taxes.”Major changes to the Governor’s transportation budget as negotiated between Hernandez and Hansen include:·         Eliminating 92 unfilled positions within MDOT that do not directly affect road maintenance.·      Requiring MDOT to prioritize road maintenance/construction projects over public transit systems when deciding how to allocate almost $100 Million in toll credits.·         Selling one of the five MDOT owned and operated aircraft.“When approaching this budget, I continuously would ask how we can shift funds from administrative and planning costs and put them towards improving pavement,” said Hernandez, “I look forward to continuing our work with MDOT and my legislative colleagues to give Michigan drivers better value for their tax dollars.”###last_img read more

Rep Frederick supports resolutions to improve job opportunities

first_img Categories: Frederick News,News 09Jun Rep. Frederick supports resolutions to improve job opportunities State Rep. Ben Frederick, the chair of the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee, has voted in favor of four recent resolutions to help expand the state’s workforce in skilled trades and sciences.“Our state’s employment opportunities continue to grow and we need to expand with it to help move Michigan forward,” said Frederick, of Owosso. “Our responsibility in the Legislature is to encourage both better career opportunities and business growth. Each of these resolutions are geared toward helping Michigan now and in the future through education.”Among the resolutions supported Frederick’s committee were:House Concurrent Resolution 8 to allow for student transportation costs to be eligible expenses within 529 Qualified Tuition Programs such as the Michigan Education Trust. A 529 account allows students to be exempt from federal taxes when account funds are used towards tuition, textbooks, and certain room and board costs. Current plans do not extend transportation costs as a tax-exempt expense.HR 62 expresses support for increased participation of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.HR 103 urges the governor to add woodworking vocational training to the career opportunities in vocational education and skilled trade opportunities identified by the state. In considering this resolution, the committee heard testimony from Tadd Morris of Second Chance Wood in Durand about the growing demand for woodworkers in the state.HR 113 requests that the U.S. Congress continue full funding for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams on the campus of Michigan State University, which is expected to drive further innovation and jobs throughout Michigan.The resolutions advance to the state House for consideration.State Rep. Ben Frederick (left) hosted Tadd Morris, of Second Chance Wood Company in Durand, to speak before the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee about the growing need for woodworking professionals in Michigan. Frederick, of Owosso, is the chair of the committee.last_img read more

Rep Howell to host office hours in Lapeer County

first_img Categories: Howell News 08Aug Rep. Howell to host office hours in Lapeer County State Rep. Gary Howell of North Branch will host office hours on Monday, Aug. 21 at the following times and locations:9:30 to 11 a.m. at John’s Country Kitchen, 1829 S. Cedar St. in Imlay City and;2:30 to 4 p.m. at Hungry Dan’s Restaurant, 195 W. Genesee St. in Lapeer.“Speaking with residents of Lapeer County on a regular basis is very important to me,” Rep. Howell said. “Hearing what people in our community have to say helps me better understand what really matters to them regarding issues in state government.”No appointment is necessary. Those unable to attend may contact Rep. Howell at 517-373-1800 or via email at GaryHowell@house.mi.gov.last_img

Rep Hoitenga invites local first responders for Sept 11 ceremony

first_img Categories: Hoitenga News,News PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Michele Hoitenga, of Manton, today hosted first responders Big Rapids Fire Lt. Travis Williams and Firefighter Nathan Yehle as her guests for the Michigan House’s annual Sept. 11 Memorial Service at the Capitol. The ceremony remembers first responders and members of the military from Michigan who died in the line of duty in the past year. 07Sep Rep. Hoitenga invites local first responders for Sept. 11 ceremonylast_img

Rep Lower hosts March office hours

first_img Categories: Lower News State Rep. Jim Lower of Cedar Lake announced his in-district office hours for the month of March. The representative will be available at the following times and locations:Friday, March 23Noon to 1 p.m. at the St. Louis City Hall, 300 N. Mill St. in St. Louis. Monday, March 269 to 10 a.m. at Brickyard, 112 W. Main St. in Stanton; andNoon to 1 p.m. for a legislative update at the Montcalm Community College Les Morford Instructional Building, Room 210, 2800 College Drive in Sidney. 19Mar Rep. Lower hosts March office hours “I believe input from local residents helps me effectively represent our community,” Lower said. “Listening and being accessible are two important parts of my job, and I look forward to continuing this through hosting office hours.”No appointments are necessary. Those unable to meet during the scheduled times may contact Rep. Lower’s office at (517) 373-0834 or via email at JamesLower@house.mi.gov.last_img read more

Rep OMalley continues road discussion for Michigan residents

first_img10May Rep. O’Malley continues road discussion for Michigan residents Categories: O’Malley News State Rep. Jack O’Malley, chair of the House Transportation Committee, attended a town hall hosted by state Rep. Ryan Berman to discuss road funding with residents in Commerce Township. The event included an informal discussion with individuals on ways to repair and improve Michigan roads.“People respect what you inspect and we are working together diligently to listen to concerns of residents about our roads,” said O’Malley, of Lake Ann. “This informative meeting in Oakland County was fascinating to see what challenges residents are facing when they drive in Metro Detroit.”O’Malley recently began six weeks of special committee hearings in Lansing to examine the disconnection between road funding and road quality.###last_img read more

Price of AntiHeroin Overdose Drug Climbs Erratically as Usage Rises

first_imgShare25TweetShareEmail25 SharesSeptember 19, 2015; Daily Herald (Chicago, IL)Yesterday, NPQ published a newswire on the profiteering happening in pharmaceutical pricing. For us, this serves as an entry into a set of complex issues that nonprofits are often in some way involved in, either as complicit partners or in dealing with the outcomes. In this case, many nonprofits dealing with community health, substance abuse, and general community well-being will have taken part to some extent in the development of a community response to opioid abuse.More and more first responders around the United States are already carrying naloxone, or Narcan, a medication that has been credited with preventing many deaths by restarting the breathing of overdose victims. Baltimore, in fact, has extended naloxone training to drug users themselves and to their families and friends. Approximately 4400 people have been trained, which is fourfold the number trained in 2014. But as the use of naloxone has increased, the price has not gone down, but up—from $10 to $20 a dose in February to as much as $40 in July. The pricing is also not consistent from place to place, with some locales reporting prices per dose that are far higher.Amphastar Pharmaceuticals makes the most widely used version of naloxone because it can be administered intranasally. Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, faults the company for its pricing. “When drug companies increase their prices and charge exorbitant rates, they decrease the access to the drug,” Cummings said this summer. “There’s something awfully wrong with that picture.”As with many other medications whose prices have skyrocketed recently, naloxone isn’t a new drug, having first been approved by the FDA 44 years ago. As recently as ten years ago, the price per dose was $10. Back then, the market was much smaller, confined to hospital settings for the most part. Now, there are 40 states and counting attempting to use it more broadly to curtain the wave of opioid overdoses that has been plaguing many communities. In Illinois, for instance, the legislature has just cleared the way for school nurses to make use of it. Schools in Pennsylvania and New York are stocking it, too.In Massachusetts, where 1200 people died of heroin overdoses this past year, Attorney General Maura Healey recently announced an agreement with Amphastar requiring it to pay $325,000 to help offset the costs of the drug, which varied across the state. “We purchased 900 doses of naloxone to provide to all of our police and fire departments in March of 2014, and we paid roughly $22 a dose,” Norfolk County District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said. “Some of our municipalities were using those doses very quickly. When we offered grants to help replenish those supplies, we saw that the prices were inconsistent and rising, with Walpole paying $37.50 per dose, Randolph paying $39 per dose, and then Needham and Wrentham paying $66.89 for the same dose. We knew something was wrong with this picture.”Competitors are entering the Naloxone market, but they are now waiting for FDA approval—and even after, that they may decide to join the rapidly expanding market as-is rather than compete on price. Is the answer to the crisis individual, state-by-state negotiations, or is there a larger fix needed that incorporates unreasonable price increases in drugs more generally?Some presidential candidates are already proposing new approaches to the problem, We will talk about those in an upcoming newswire.—Ruth McCambridgeShare25TweetShareEmail25 Shareslast_img read more

Obamas 19 Billion Zika Request Slush Fund or Needed Flexibility

first_imgShareTweet4ShareEmail4 SharesMobilização Nacional da Educação Zika Zero / Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social e Combate à FomeApril 19, 2016; USA TodayIn February, the Obama administration requested a $1.9 billion appropriation for federal activities to combat the dangers of the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus believed to increase the likelihood of microcephaly in infants born to infected mothers. (Zika has also been tied to other negative health outcomes for humans, but Zika is a recent enough public health issue that scientific data are still being collected.)Congress has not taken action on the president’s request, and Democratic legislators and the White House see Republicans playing politics with a public health crisis in the making. “That’s a significant problem, particularly when you consider that there’s no good reason that Congress hasn’t acted,” Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. “And the opportunity to get ahead of this potentially serious situation is washing away. And that’s a significant problem.”Not surprisingly, Congressional Republicans have a different interpretation—good stewardship. They point out that the $1.9 billion request was uncharacteristically vague, with the amount being able to be shifted between federal agencies without Congressional oversight and with no expiration date for expending the funds. Quoted in USA Today, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers said:So when the administration requested that $1.9 billion supplemental, which was just almost a slush fund across the government, the money could be used for any purpose. We said, “Look, we don’t do business that way. We appropriate the taxpayer’s dollars in a responsible, direct way, with details we can all understand.”Rogers has also pointed out that Congress has already authorized almost $600 million in this year’s federal budget to be reallocated to Zika-related projects. “My present information leads me to believe that that’s plenty of money for this fiscal year. We have five months left,” Rogers said.While it’s rare, Congress has been known to act quickly on appropriations related to public health. Even so, it rarely provides all funds requested and typically imposes fiscal year restrictions on when funds are either spent or reauthorized. At the same time, emergency public health appropriations need greater flexibility in allocation because priorities and initiatives make change quickly based on events and emerging science.The good news is that the administration updated its spending request last week to include more details Congress has been asking for. Our hope is that both sides will negotiate in good faith, allowing federal expenditures—with adequate oversight—to be made quickly.—Michael WylandShareTweet4ShareEmail4 Shareslast_img read more

Status Flipping NonprofittoForProfit Hospital Applies to Change Back

first_imgShare16TweetShare12Email28 Shares“Woonsocket Bus Stop” by Matt CloutierJanuary 26, 2017; Valley Breeze (Cumberland, RI)When the nonprofit Landmark Medical Center was converted to for-profit status in 2013, it immediately began paying taxes. Both the Rhode Island city of Woonsocket and the hospital had been on the verge of bankruptcy and both were in some form of receivership. Where it had previously contributed only $240,291 to the town through a state payment in lieu of taxes program, its tax bill expanded to $1.6 million.But the California-based Prime Healthcare Services, which became the parent company when the hospital came out of receivership in 2013, now wants to revert it to nonprofit status by donating it to its own foundation, thus maintaining it as an acquisition—its 13th nonprofit acquisition to date.The original change to for-profit status, complete with a purchase price of $62 million, required extensive review from the Rhode Island Department of Health and the state’s attorney general. It was reviewed in state courts, and finally authorized, by Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein.“The payment by Prime of substantial real estate taxes is a significant factor in this department’s decision with regard to the proposed transaction,” the October 2013 decision from the Attorney General’s office noted. “Prime has indicated that it has not and will not seek a tax treaty from the city of Woonsocket. The payment of real estate taxes to Woonsocket, that so desperately needs the resources, is a clear, tangible benefit directly resulting from the proposed transaction. While it remains a question whether this benefit will outweigh the possible risks of allowing Rhode Island hospitals to be purchased by for-profit entities remains to be seen, payment of real estate taxes to Woonsocket certainly represents a positive attribute of Prime.”Now, Woonsocket’s mayor, Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, is resisting the reconversion:I am deeply concerned and disappointed by Prime Healthcare Service’s recent filings with state agencies that indicate their attempt to revert their operations back to a nonprofit status. This move would have a detrimental impact upon taxpayers of Woonsocket by placing approximately $1.6 million of annual tax revenue in jeopardy and is not in the best interest of the city of Woonsocket.I stand in opposition to this attempt and look forward to meeting with state officials and regulators.Prime has done a number of these for-profit to non-profit conversions across the country.—Ruth McCambridgeShare16TweetShare12Email28 Shareslast_img read more

Swedish broadcaster TV4 is launching a new premium

first_imgSwedish broadcaster TV4 is launching a new premium sports channel, TV4 Sports Xtra.The HD channel, which will begin airing this May, will cover various sporting events including the Italian Serie A football league, Europa Lague tournament and the IIHF World Championships. TV4 plans to offer the channel to various distributors.“TV4 Sports Xtra is the channel for all sports-loving Swedish television viewers, who will now be able to see even more top matches from international football leagues and major championships in high definition,” said TV4 Group’s sports director Hans Pekkari.last_img

The effect of flooding in Thailand on hard drive a

first_imgThe effect of flooding in Thailand on hard drive availability cost Pace US$9 million (€6.8 million) last year. Presenting its full year 2011 results, the UK set-top vendor said the effect of the flooding would continue to impact the business to the tune of US$25 million – US$35 million, predominantly during the first six months of the year.Revenues increased by 11.9% year-on-year to US$2.3 billion due to recent acquisitions, including 2Wire, Bewan and Latens. Excluding the effect of acquisitions, organic revenue actually decreased by 7.1%.In Europe, revenues were down 19% to US$458 million due to Pace halting retail sales and exiting from low margin business in Italy. Revenues were up 27% in North America to US$1 billion, predominantly due to the acquisition of 2Wire in October 2010. Latin American revenue was up 25% to US$469 million, with particularly strong growth in Brazil.“Our focus on operational improvement and efficiency is already starting to deliver tangible results and will contribute further to our future competitive advantage. We continue to strategically invest in leveraging our technology assets across our markets,” said CEO Mike Puli.last_img read more

The ANGA Cable show saw strong growth in internati

first_imgThe ANGA Cable show saw strong growth in international visitors this year, with the proportion of visitors from outside Germany growing from 43% to 50%.German cable association ANGA counted 16,000 trade visitors and 1,600 congress attendees to the show, and announced that the 2013 event will take place from June 4-6 next year.“The key topics Smart TV, hybrid networks, video-on-demand, and connected home have spurred visitor quality and internationality. The rapid increase in the share of international visitors has exceeded our expectations by far. At the same time, ANGA Cable Show has given important impetus to new technologies and fields of business over the past three days. We have lived up to our announcement: ANGA Cable Show is and will remain to be Europe’s leading business platform for broadband operators and content providers of all categories,” said Thomas Braun, president of ANGA.last_img read more

Fox HD has launched in Ukraine on the Volia cable

first_imgFox HD has launched in Ukraine on the Volia cable network. The launch brings hit US shows including Game of Thrones to Ukrainian viewers in HD.Fox HD will be available in promotional mode on Volia’s network in Kyiv until January 8, available to all digital subscribers. It will then be available in certain packages.The channel will become available on Volia networks in other cities in Ukraine during the first quarter.last_img

A strong performance from its TV production arm an

first_imgA strong performance from its TV production arm and a decent showing from TV channels helped compensate a decline in advertising elsewhere to deliver like-for-like revenue growth of 1.6% for Lagardère Active in the first quarter.The French conglomerate’s media arm delivered revenues of €222 million for the quarter, up 1.6% on a comparable basis and 6.9% gross, with the difference between the two attributable to the acquisition of websites LeGuide.com and BilletReduc.com.TV production revenues were up 82.1% year-on-year, thanks to the delivery of shows including Clem, Odysseus, Famille d’accueil, Nos chers voisins and Si près de chez vous.Revenue from channels was up 3.5% year-on-year, with a good performance from international distribution.Lagardère Active was hit by a reduction in print advertising and distribution revenues and a decline in eastern European radio advertising sales.last_img read more

Fiona Keenan Amazon now accounts for 225 of the

first_imgFiona KeenanAmazon now accounts for 22.5% of the UK entertainment market, with its share up year-on-year in the 12 weeks ending September 28, according to stats by Kantar Worldpanel.Last year Amazon had 17.6% of the market and the e-retailer widened its gap over its closest rival Tesco, which saw its marketshare fall from 20.6 for the same 12-week period in 2013 to 15.1% this year.Asda and Morrisons also saw their share of the entertainment market slip year-on-year to 11% and 3.2% respectively, with Kantar noting that “supermarkets, have felt the effect of a quieter year.”Second place HMV saw its entertainment market share remain steady at 12.3%.“Amazon’s success is representative of a general shift towards online shopping within the entertainment sector,” said Fiona Keenan, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel.“Thanks to the rise of connected devices – 71% of individuals now own a smartphone and 57% own a tablet – this is a shift that we expect to continue. Amazon’s range of Fire tablets has given it another platform to promote its offering directly to consumers, and it appears to be working as 15% of entertainment products sold on its site are purchased on a tablet.“Amazon has continued to push forward and is enjoying its highest ever share since taking 25% of the market in the last quarter of 2013. This success bodes well for its Christmas performance where it will be trying to capture spend from the 18.6 million consumers who will be shopping for entertainment products in the run up to the festive season.”last_img read more

Alex Towers The BBC Trust has appointed Alex Tower

first_imgAlex TowersThe BBC Trust has appointed Alex Towers as its new director after Jon Zeff said he will be standing down after less than a year in the post.The BBC’s governing body confirmed the appointment of Towers, a former civil servant who has been at the Trust since May 2009, initially as head of finance, economics and strategy.Jon Zeff, who joined as BBC Trust Director in July 2014, “will be standing down to pursue other opportunities,” said the BBC.last_img

Canal and France Télévisions plan to close their

first_imgCanal+ and France Télévisions plan to close their joint marine life-focused factual channel Planète+ Thalassa at the end of the year.Canal+ revealed the plan to close down the channel in a programming bulletin this week, without giving further details.France Télévisions, which originally broadcast Thalassa as a documentary strand on France 3, had a one third stake in the channel, with Canal+ owning the remaining two thirds. The service was originally launched as Planète 2 by MultiThématiques in 1999, changing its name to Planète Thalassa after the signing of the agreement with the public broadcaster in 2002, before becoming Planète+ Thalassa in 2011.Earlier this year Canal+ announced the closure of channels Maison+, Cuisine+ and Sport+ along with youth-focused Jimmy. The pay broadcaster is currently attempting to secure regulatory approval for the transition of factual channel Planète+ from pay TV to free-to-air, with a hearing due to be held today.last_img read more

Jeansebastien Petit Interactive TV technology pro

first_imgJean-sebastien PetitInteractive TV technology provider Hubee has named Jean Sebastien Petit as its new CEO.Petit was previously chief operating officer at TDF Group-owned Arkena. At Hubee he will work closely with Frédéric Pie, Chairman and founder of the company, to strengthen its business development and operational activities globally.“Choosing Jean Sebastien to tackle the ambitious business development and the many innovative projects shaping Hubee’s overall strategy was obvious. We both share a strong entrepreneurial streak as well as a true passion for our clients. He has been demonstrating time and again during his career that a growing tech company cannot be built if it does not capture and render a striking culture and a deep respect for the talents it hosts,” said Pie.“Hubee  is company I have known for a while now, with a capacity to bring innovation forward strongly etched within its DNA. It possesses strong assets, prestigious clients, talented collaborators, values that I share and has a Chairman who has a vision and a clear roadmap to help our clients overcome the challenges of an ever evolving sector. I am thrilled to join Frederic and his collaborators to push Hubee in its growth,” said Petit.last_img read more

Wolfram Winter Sky Deutschlands EVP of communicat

first_imgWolfram WinterSky Deutschland’s EVP of communications and public affairs and company spokesman Wolfram Winter is to leave the pay TV broadcaster after 10 years.Winter will be replaced on an interim basis by external communications SVR Ralph Fürther.Winter founded Premiere Star, the third-party channels satellite package marketed by Sky Deutschland’s predecessor company Premiere from 2007, when it ended the practice of only carrying channels that were exclusive to it.When Premiere was acquired by Sky in 2010, Winter was named as head of the company’s distribution department. He also served as head of advertising arm Sky Media, and as deputy chairman of the Sky Foundation.In addition to his roles at Sky, Winter has seved as chair of the media policy committee of the Bavarian Economic Advisory Council and was appointed honorary professor at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences last year.Sky Deutschland CEO Carsten Schmidt said Winter had made a “decisive contribution to the turnaround of the company”.last_img read more