The Spurs Deconstruction of the Heat Is Now Complete

For the fifth time and in one of the most dominating fashions the NBA Finals has ever seen, the San Antonio Spurs won the title on Sunday night. The Spurs beat the Miami Heat, 104-87, their third consecutive double-digit win.How dominant were the Spurs? San Antonio led the league in per-100-possession point differential during the regular season at +8.1. The Spurs were +13.0 or better in all four of their Finals wins.The ascension of finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, the decline of Miami’s defense, the battle of the role players going emphatically to San Antonio, Manu Ginobili immersing himself in the fountain of youth — many elements explain this Spurs breakthrough. But perhaps nothing was more important than San Antonio’s ball movement.As I’ve highlighted before, the Heat play an aggressive, trapping style of defense. If the Spurs maintained composure and continued to swing the ball during the finals, they would stretch Miami’s defense to the breaking point.That’s exactly what happened.In the Finals, the Spurs had 127 assists to just 76 for the Heat. Even if we account for their many more made field goals and instead compare the percentage of assisted baskets, the Spurs still have an enormous edge: 66 percent to 45 percent.More revealing: The Spurs had 42 secondary assists in the series (tracked by the NBA’s SportVU Player Tracking System, these are passes that led directly to an assist). That means that a third of the Spurs’ assists in the series were part of a sequence of two or more passes. Looking at the numbers game by game, we can see the stark difference in the way the Heat and the Spurs went about their business.The secondary assist percentage shown here is the percentage of each team’s baskets for which a secondary assist was recorded. For the Heat, those numbers dropped off significantly from the regular season, when Miami had an assist percentage of 59 percent and a secondary assist percentage of 16 percent. The Spurs defense was disruptive enough that it forced the Heat toward relying on LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to create offense, often singlehandedly.One might imagine that the Spurs would have a harder time executing against an NBA Finals-caliber team (not to mention a two-time defending champ) than they did in the regular season. But the Spurs pretty much met their regular season numbers: an assist percentage of 62 percent and a secondary assist percentage of 18 percent. The Heat’s defense wasn’t able to shake the Spurs out of their rhythm, and Miami paid the price, over and over again. read more

Tressel in turmoil questions remain

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, athletic director Gene Smith and university President E. Gordon Gee met with the media at 7 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the NCAA violations committed by the coach. Tressel has been suspended for the first two games of the 2011 season, ordered to attend a compliance seminar and fined $250,000 by the university. Though the three responded to questions for about 15 minutes after their statements, they left many more to be answered. What wrongdoing did Tressel commit? On April 2, 2010, Tressel received an e-mail from an attorney. The contents of the e-mail alerted Tressel to the fact that the owner of a local tattoo parlor, Edward “Eddie” Rife, was recently involved in a federal government investigation. His house had been raided the day before, and the government seized $70,000 as well as some memorabilia from OSU, including championship rings. He was also informed in the e-mail that a Buckeye player had taken signed memorabilia to Rife, who was flipping the items for profit, while in turn supplying the players with free tattoos. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the e-mail came at the end, where the attorney listed various criminal charges involving Rife in the past, including a conviction for felony forgery. “It kind of jogged in my mind some of the toughest losses I’ve ever had in coaching,” Tressel said. “I’ve had a player murdered; I’ve had a player incarcerated; I’ve had a player get taken into the drug culture and lose his opportunity for a productive life. And so it was obviously tremendously concerning. Quite honestly, I was scared.” Tressel replied that he would “get on it ASAP.” Over the next two months, the attorney continued to send Tressel e-mails pertaining to Rife’s misdeeds. The attorney had recently spoken with Rife, and had more information about the incidents in question. Included in these messages were specific items Rife obtained, including the names of two student-athletes who were selling their championship rings. The university determined that Tressel violated NCAA Bylaw 10.1, and failed to follow the school’s protocol by not reporting the violations to compliance, or any of the university administrators. It was decided that he had multiple opportunities to do so, and chose to prioritize the ongoing criminal investigation over reporting potential violations in regards to the NCAA rules and regulations. “I think back to what I could have done differently because obviously as Gene mentioned in the outset an NCAA violation occurred on my part,” Tressel said. “I asked for a little advice as to how I should have taken this forward. I’ve learned that I probably needed to go to the top legal counsel person at the university and get some help as to how you handle primo investigations.” Will these sanctions hold up to NCAA scrutiny? Unfortunately for the OSU football program, these self-imposed sanctions are not the end of the scandal. Though the university has conducted its own investigations and levied sanctions against its coach, the NCAA has yet to officially weigh in. “Even though (the NCAA has) worked with us all the way collaboratively to this point, they still get the self-report,” Smith said. “They deliberate within their team to determine if they are supportive of the sanctions we have levied and if they agree with the exact bylaw that we have said the violation occurred.” The OSU athletic department contacted officials early on in its own investigative process, and two NCAA investigators came to campus to begin conducting interviews in unison with the university Feb. 8. “We decided early on to work with them, to ask them to be a part of the process and work with us from the beginning,” Smith said. “It’s a different model than what you historically see in these types of investigations.” That OSU went the alternate route and got the NCAA involved sooner rather than later might be its saving grace as it might be more likely that the association simply uphold the university’s self-imposed sanctions. Students say they are concerned that this investigation might affect the appeal of the suspension the five players who sold memorabilia received. “I just thought that there is a possibility that the five-game suspension for the kids might’ve been lifted or reduced a little bit, but with this now I think it won’t change at all,” said Jason Ruberg, a fourth-year in health sciences. Smith, however, assured that the two investigations were “totally separate.” All that is known for sure is that the 2011 Buckeyes will not have Tressel at the helm for their first two games. The coach is forced to look forward. “At no point … am I looking for anything other than doing what needs to be done,” Tressel said, “growing from the experiences that we’ve had, and continuing to serve the greatest university in America.” How will this affect OSU during the 2011 season? The university has taken corrective and punitive action toward Tressel, the worst of which includes a two-game suspension for the beginning of the 2011 season and a $250,000 fine. “Obviously I’m disappointed that this happened at all,” Tressel said. “I take my responsibility for what we do at Ohio State tremendously seriously, and for the game of football. “I plan to grow from this, and I’m sincerely saddened by the fact that I let some people down.” Smith was adamant that this incident was separate from the incidents that occurred with the players back in December 2010, Tattoo-gate as they’ve come to be known. However, both transgressions will affect the team in a major way next season. The football program will now have the responsibility of choosing an interim coach for the first two games. Darrell Hazel, the assistant head coach last season and obvious choice for the gig recently took over as the new coach of Kent State, so he’s out. Another option is defensive coordinator Jim Heacock, who was the head coach at Illinois State from 1988–95. At this point, it’s hard to predict who will be stepping in for the Senator to start the season, but what we do know is that the Buckeyes’ first two games, against Akron and Toledo, shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as some of the games they’ll be playing in later in the year. Still, losing Tressel for the first two games — on top of losing five seniors, including quarterback Terrelle Pryor, for the first five games — will make for a tumultuous start to the 2011 season. Tressel’s leadership in the locker room and along the sidelines will be missed. Despite all the turmoil, the football program remains united in its efforts. This includes former players, whose support for Tressel has been unwavering. “It doesn’t change my opinion of him. I would do anything for coach Tress,” former kicker Mike Nugent said. “I think it’s terrible that he had to be a part of it, and I’ve never met someone with so much class and I just hate that this happened. He doesn’t deserve it; he doesn’t deserve any of this.” News regarding the interim coaching assignment should be announced before the start of spring practices. How will this affect his legacy? Tressel has amassed a record of 106-22 at OSU with one national title and seven Big Ten championships during his decade with the program. Though Tressel has been lauded for his success on the field, many have also praised the man for his integrity off it. This scandal might call that feature of the man’s personality into doubt. “I really have to question the man’s judgment,” said Richard Hersch, a third-year in actuarial science. “If you get a letter from somebody like that … you know that part of your responsibility is to report any sort of situation like this to other authorities.” Others pointed to the fact that Tressel’s transgression was an error in judgment, and, as such, one he should not be judged too harshly for. “It wasn’t that he went out and, you know, elected to do something illegal or against recruiting regulations and thought he couldn’t get caught. It wasn’t anything like that at all,” OSU football historian Jack Park said. “It was something he had to deal with because of some actions of other players.” Regardless of how the transgression is viewed, it did occur and must be put into the context of the coach’s résumé. That résumé is compared to former OSU coach Woody Hayes, who compiled a 205-61-10 record, three national titles and 13 Big Ten crowns with the team. His career ended after punching a Clemson player in the 1978 Gator Bowl. Park said Tressel’s failure to report knowledge of violations does not resonate in the same way as Hayes’ assault. “I think it’s pretty major right now because it happened (yesterday) and we’re all talking about it,” he said. “I think in a few years as you reflect on everything … I don’t think it will have a major impact on coach Tressel’s legacy.” Jay Clouse contributed to this story. read more

Emma Thompson says it would be too sad and too soon after

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Thompson and Rickman played husband and wife in the hit romantic comedy, which will be revived by director Richard Curtis for the charity broadcast, but the actress will not be taking part.Rickman died aged 69 in January 2016 and Thompson said: “Richard wrote to me and said ‘darling we can’t write anything for you because of Alan’ and I said ‘no of course, it would be sad, too sad’.”It’s too soon. It’s absolutely right because it’s supposed to be for Comic Relief but there isn’t much comic relief in the loss of our dear friend really only just over a year ago.”We thought and thought but it just seemed wrong but to revisit the wonderful fun characters of Bill Nighy and Hugh Grant and Liam (Neeson) and all of that, that’s fantastic but obviously what would he have done?”Both of them would be in therapy by now and I would be working on some kind of ward. It was absolutely the right decision.”Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth and Rowan Atkinson will all appear in the 10-minute film, which will show what the original characters are doing in 2017, 14 years after the movie was released.The short film, dubbed Comic Relief Actually, will air during the Red Nose Day broadcast on March 24 on BBC1. Love Actually star Emma Thompson has said it would be “too sad and too soon” after the death of her co-star Alan Rickman for her to take part in the film’s Comic Relief sequel.  Actress Emma Thompson  Actress Emma ThompsonCredit:Gettylast_img read more

Journalist Owen Jones attacked outside pub in premeditated assault by farright

Guardian editor Katherine Viner has condemned the attack.She said on Saturday evening: “At the Guardian we deplore the outrageous attack on Owen Jones that took place late last night.”Violent assaults on journalists or activists have no place in a democratic society.” What happened – to be clear – is they spotted me in the pub, waited for us to leave, and then launched their attack when we were away from the pub – it was planned, not a random attack.— Owen Jones🌹 (@OwenJones84) August 17, 2019 Left-wing journalist Owen Jones has said he was kicked in the head in a “blatant premeditated assault”.The Guardian columnist said in a tweet that he and friends were set upon while out celebrating his birthday.He said: “Six of us left the pub at 3am and were saying our goodbyes 30 metres away, then a group of three or four men left the pub, made a beeline for me, kicked me in the back, threw me on the ground, slamming my head, and kicked me in the skull.”My friends were punched trying to defend me.”Mr Jones indicated he thought the attack was motivated by far-right ideology. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. He added: “Given the far-right attacks I’ve had in the streets, and generally escalating far-right attacks I’ve had, I’m in no doubt what this is.”They spotted me in the pub, waited for us to leave, and then launched their attack when we were away from the pub.”It was planned, not a random attack.”Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sent a message of “solidarity” to Mr Jones.Mr Corbyn said: “Owen believes it was politically motivated, and we know the far right is on the march in our country.”An attack on a journalist is an attack on free speech and our fundamental values.” read more

22nd EUROFEST begins in Slovenian city of Izola

← Previous Story Argentina still the best of America! Next Story → Fantastic impressions from thr 4th International Goalkeepers Camp in Tucepi-Makarska! 22nd eurofesteurofest handballeurofest izolaYouth handball  Girls2004 and younger (mini h. 1+3)DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA RK Piran – A RK Piran – B SHK Kunovice ŽRK Izola – A ŽRK Izola – B 2003 and younger (mini h. 1+4)DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA RK Piran SHK Kunovice ŽRK ORMOŽ 2002 and youngerDoubs committee France – A Doubs committee France – B DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA FUXING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RK Piran Rokometni klub Krim – A Rokometni klub Krim – B VECSÉS SE Ž.U.R.D. KOPER 2001 and youngerCsepel DSE DHK ZORA OLOMOUC Doubs committee France FUXING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HC TATRAN STUPAVA HK Slavia Partizánske HV Uilenspiegel SK Žeravice ŠKP Bratislava TJ Házená Jindřichův Hradec Ž.U.R.D. KOPER ŽRK Izola 2000 and youngerCsepel DSE DHC WAT Fünfhaus Doubs committee France HK IVANČICE RK Piran Rokometni klub Krim SK Žeravice VECSÉS SE ŽRK Izola ŽRK ORMOŽ 1999 and youngerAS Cannes Handball DHC Plzeň DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA Handball Tulln HC TATRAN STUPAVA HTE Long Jing Junior High School Rokometni klub Krim TJ Házená Jindřichův Hradec TSC Dózsa Ž.U.R.D. KOPER ŽRK Izola 1997 and youngerBålsta IF Csepel DSE Elita H43 Lund – A H43 Lund – B HC TATRAN STUPAVA Pawel Packing SZKK RK BUZET TJ Házená Jindřichův Hradec UNION St. Pölten VECSÉS SE Ž.U.R.D. KOPER ŽRK Izola 1995 and youngerVlaamse Handbalvereniging SeniorČeta Team HK Ceres Handboll Norrtälje MIŠKE TJ Radlice Praha VECSÉS SE Vlaamse Handbalvereniging Beach handball (1994, Senior)Četa Team iTeam  The 22nd European handball festival in Izola (Slovenia) “EUROFEST” begins tomorrow and in the next six days will be the place of meeting of different handball schools and tradition. Over 160 teams in different categories will play for the trophies, but also for the fun in beautiful summer resort on Adriatic coast.Here are the list of teams who will participate at “EUROFEST”: Boys2004 and younger (mini h. 1+3)DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA Protvino RD ISTRABENZ PLINI IZOLA RK Novi Beograd RK TRSAT – Rijeka – A RK TRSAT – Rijeka – B 2003 and younger (mini h. 1+4)DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA Long Jing Elementary School RD ISTRABENZ PLINI IZOLA RK Novi Beograd Smederevo 2002 and youngerBanqiao Elementary School Doubs committee France HC VÖSLAU Kezilabda Utanpotlas Kft – Elektromos Long Jing Elementary School MRK ČAKOVEC – A MRK ČAKOVEC – B Pawel Packing SZKK Protvino RD ISTRABENZ PLINI IZOLA RD Koper 2013 Rk Trnje RK TRSAT – Rijeka RK VELIKA NEDELJA & RK ORMOŽ Smederevo Športno društvo Škofljica TJ STM Olomouc 2001 and youngerCentrum Hana Doubs committee France DRŠ ALENA MIHALJA Elita G.S. PALLAMANO TAVARNELLE HC TATRAN STUPAVA HV Uilenspiegel Óbudai Kézilabda Sportiskola RD Koper 2013 RK VELIKA NEDELJA & RK ORMOŽ SK Žeravice ŠKP Bratislava uks nike kalisz 2000 and youngerBrasschaat Handbalclub – A Brasschaat Handbalclub – B Csepel DSE Doubs committee France Elita RD ISTRABENZ PLINI IZOLA rk krško rk slovenj gradec 2011 ŠD MOKERC IG Smederevo – A Smederevo – B WAT Fünfhaus/GRG 15 – Wien 1999 and youngerBrasschaat Handbalclub G.S. PALLAMANO TAVARNELLE HC Tallas HC TATRAN STUPAVA HK IVANČICE Metaloplastika MRD Dobova RD Koper 2013 RK Nova Gorica ŠD MOKERC IG SK Žeravice ŠKP Bratislava UHC Raika Gaenserndorf UKS SPARTA 1997 and yougerElita HC Saint-Petersburg HTE Jiskra Třeboň Rk Trnje Rokometno društvo Šmartno 99 ŠD MOKERC IG ŠKP Bratislava – A ŠKP Bratislava – B VECSÉS SE WAT Fünfhaus/GRG 15 – Wien 1995 and youngerKV SASJA Olse Merksem HC Pawel Packing SZKK RK TRSAT – Rijeka Székesfehérvári Széchenyi Seniorall out ELITA Pawel Packing SZKK RD KIH Obala VECSÉS SE Beach handball (1994, Senior)Drinking Team Olse Merksem HC Pawel Packing SZKK  read more

WATCH Italian pasta ad starring Federer cooking to a Greek tune has

first_imgItalian pasta producer Barilla’s new advertisement has viewers a little confused. Created for the Australian Open, the 30 second ad features the company’s ambassador, Swiss tennis player Roger Federer walking into a commercial kitchen to learn to cook pasta alongside Italian Michelin-starred chef Davide Oldaniand. So far there’s nothing strange about the scene, but it’s the tune of the Greek Zorba playing overhead that has attracted attention.Many have expressed that it seems like an odd fit to have such a quintessentially Greek tune as part of the promotion of the Italian product, and has resulted in a number of viewers taking to Twitter to express their confusion, and in some cases, disappointment. Tas Mavridis tweeted: “Why are Barilla using Greek music for their ads?”Dimitri Tsivelekis saw the ad as “racial ignorance”. “I am very dissapointed in the racial ignorance that is displayed in the new commercial from @Barilla featuring @rogerfederer. It is clearly an Italian dish and chef yet the background music played comes the famous Greek inspired film “Zorba the Greek”,” he tweeted.Kelami said: “Barilla Pasta – Italian, Zorba background music – Greek. They’re all the same right? Isn’t anyone quality controlling the ads @rogerfederer appears in?”On Wednesday the pasta company responded via its official Twitter account, claiming it chose the tune as it is representative of the Mediterranean. “Hi there, Barilla chose Zorba’s Dance because the music perfectly represents the warm and joyful soul of the Mediterranean,” Barilla tweeted.You can view the ad here: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Akamai Technologies pourrait racheter Cotendo

first_imgAkamai Technologies pourrait racheter CotendoPour 300 millions de dollars, la firme américaine Akamai Technologies, spécialisée dans les contenus Internet pour les entreprises, serait en train de négocier l’achat de Cotendo, sa concurrente israélienne. Selon l’agence Reuters, Akamai serait sur le point de conclure le rachat de Cotendo, une société qu’elle avait poursuivi en justice l’année passée pour violation de brevet. À lire aussiGrâce à un bras robotique, un homme amputé retrouve le sens du toucherCette jeune société israélienne (créé en 2008) propose notamment des services permettant d’accélérer l’affichage des applications web pour de gros clients tel Google.Il semblerait qu’Akamai n’aime pas la concurrence directe.La société avait déjà avait racheté Digital Island et Speedera après leur avoir intenté des procès pour les mêmes raisons que Cotendo. A l’instar de cette dernière, Akamai offre ses services a des pointures comme Microsoft, Twitter ou Facebook en leur fournissant plusieurs milliers de serveurs dans plus de 70 pays afin d’améliorer leur diffusion de contenus Web.Pour élargir encore son emprise, la société américaine serait donc prête à débourser 300 millions de dollars pour racheter Cotendo.Le 29 novembre 2011 à 09:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Warehouse Fire Destroys Magazines Back Issue Inventory

first_imgLocal news reports said a forklift operator backed into a gas line, which punctured and the leaking gas was then ignited by a space heater. Over 200 firefighters arrived on the scene only to determine little could be done and let the two-story building burn to the ground following the successful evacuation of all 20 warehouse personnel.Phone and e-mail messages to Kable and Alpinist were not immediately returned.More on this topic Mountain Climbing Magazine Grounded Mountain Climbing Magazine with Cult Following Sold for $71K via ‘Live Phone Auction’ Have $42,000? Buy a Magazine! Publishers Press/Publishers Printing Compnay Label-Pak Division Receives Flexographic Technical Association’s Gold Award, and Lead Y-O-Y Page View Growth Among Mags Semantic Ad Platform Creates Analytics Dashboard for PublishersJust In The Atlantic Taps Creative Leadership | People on the Move The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the Move BabyCenter Sold to Ziff Davis Parent J2 Media | News & Notes This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks Shanker Out, Litterick In as CEO of EnsembleIQPowered by A fire at an Oregon, Illinois warehouse owned by the Kable News Company destroyed the entire inventory belonging to Jackson, Wyoming-based Alpinist, a quarterly high-end magazine dedicated to alpine style mountain climbing. The magazine’s inventory included back issues and merchandise including hats, shirts, water bottles, stickers and coffee mugs.One report estimates the loss from the December 5th blaze to be valued at $4 million. Alpinist limits its display ads and is supported primarily by subscriptions. Since the fire, the magazine has issued an appeal to subscribers to renew, but says business will continue uninterrupted. “The destruction of our entire inventory, including all our back issues, would have been bad enough. This one, though, came in the middle of the holidays-our bread-and-butter season,” said Alpinist publisher Marc Ewing in a statement. “We’re dealing with details such as insurance and inventory loss at the moment, but the fire hasn’t affected subscription fulfillment in the least.”last_img read more

Advanced Enzyme shares rally 53 in two days Sensex falls tracking European

first_imgAdvanced Enzyme Technologies (AET) shares gained 17 percent on the second day on Tuesday after listing at a 35 percent premium on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on Monday. The company had issued equity shares at Rs. 896 per share.On Tuesday, the AET stock closed at Rs. 1,373.65, up 16.58 percent from its previous close. The scrip had ended at Rs. 1,178.30 on Monday, with a gain of 31 percent. The Rs. 411 crore AET public issue was oversubscribed almost 115 times.AET is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of 400+ proprietary products developed from 60 indigenous enzymes. The company is a marginal player in the global enzyme market with a market share of about 0.9 percent, offering products to its global clientele of more than 700 customers spanning presence across 50 countries worldwide.In India, it is the second largest player. It earned a net profit of Rs. 79 crore on sales of Rs. 294 crore for the financial year 2015-16, according to updates issued by Angel Broking and HDFC Securities.The S&P BSE Sensex closed 21 points lower at 27,981 despite opening on a higher note. The dip was due to selling seen in European stock markets.The biggest trigger for the markets remains the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill, which needs to be passed by the Rajya Sabha. Reports of the Congress, the main opponent to the GST Bill, coming on board has raised hopes of a smooth passage of the indirect reform legislation described by finance minister Arun Jaitley as “economic integration” of the country.Top losers in Tuesday’s trade were Tata Motors, HDFC and Adani Ports, while stocks that lifted the 50-mark benchmark index included ITC, Maruti Suzuki and Hero Motocorp.Read: HDFC lists masala bonds on London Stock ExchangeInterglobe Aviation, which owns low-cost carrier Indigo, saw its share nosedive 11.17 percent to close at Rs. 865.20 apiece in response to disappointing first quarter (Q1) results announced after market hours on Monday. The company posted a 7.4 percent fall in net profit to Rs. 591 crore despite an increase of 9.7 percent in revenues to Rs. 4,741 crore.last_img read more

PM Hasinas invite to tea party deceptive BNP

first_imgLogo of BNPSenior BNP leader Abdul Moyeen Khan on Sunday alleged the motive behind prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s ‘tea party’ for the leaders of Jatiya Oikyafront and other political parties is to get recognition of her ‘farcical’ government.UNB quoted him as saying that the BNP’s six MPs were not elected with people’s votes like the ruling party’s ones as they all were only shown victorious by the government and the election commission in a ‘fake’ election.”We saw a farcical election on December 30, and a farcical parliament and new government have been formed through it. The government itself knows the real position of it,” Moyeen Khan told a discussion.He said, “That’s why they’ve now become busy to have people’s recognition for the government formed through deception. The initiative for the tea party has been taken as part of the government’s move to get public acceptance.”Arafat Rahman Koko Smriti Sangsad organised the programme at the Jatiya Press Club, marking BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s younger son Koko’s fourth death anniversary.On Saturday, prime minister Sheikh Hasina invited Jatiya Oikya Front senior leaders to exchange greetings at Ganabhaban over tea on 2 February.Moyeen Khan, a BNP standing committee member, said the country’s all people are aware of the ‘drama’ staged on the night of 29 December and on 30 December in the name of general election.He said the current parliament does not represent people as it was formed through a fake election. “This parliament represents the terrorists who established a reign of terror across the country before the 30 December election and announced themselves victorious through vote frauds.”Moyeen Khan said their party’s elected MPs have no right to go to parliament as they were shown elected without people’s votes.”Do those shown elected have any right to go to parliament? It’s not a question who won the election and who got defeated as it was shown victorious and defeated through vote rigging and terrorism ,” he added.Moyeen Khan said not only BNP leaders and activists but also those belong to Awami League do not endorse the 11th parliamentary election as they all know what actually happened in the name of an election.Stating that the government has established an unwritten one-party Baksal in the country annihilating democracy and the rule of law, he called upon people to come forward to restore democracy and install a pro-people government.last_img read more

YouTube Heroes gets volunteers moderating videos for points and perks

first_imgGoogle has just launched a new volunteer community it is calling YouTube Heroes, which aims to bridge the gap between YouTube’s automated video monitoring systems and getting a real person making decisions about what content is inappropriate.YouTube has a staggering amount of new content added on a minute-by-minute basis (hundreds of hours), making it impossible for humans to review it all before it goes live. So automated systems do the heavy lifting, but this has lead to some content being flagged as inappropriate when it really shouldn’t be. Google’s answer to this is a global community of volunteers who help police content in return for perks.YouTube Heroes will be able to mass flag inappropriate content as well as add captions and subtitles to videos. They’ll have a direct line to YouTube staff and can share their knowledge with other YouTube users. Google will help with training by holding workshops and hero video chats, which if you pass gains you access to supertools allowing you to help filter YouTube for the masses.Heroes will be rewarded using a points system. Points are accrued by carrying out “qualifying contributions.” Earn enough points and perks are unlocked, which so far include access to new services early, testing new features first, and potentially going to a Heroes Summit. Direct access to YouTube staff is also viewed as a perk.This is a clever way for Google to get thousands of real people reviewing video content and comments every day. But it can also be viewed as Google finding a very cheap solution to its ongoing (and growing) problem of content moderation. YouTube Heroes costs the company a tiny amount and is sure to be popular. I think the perks could be improved a lot, though, and hopefully will be in the coming months.Want to be a YouTube Hero? Just head on over to the sign-up page.last_img read more

Kickstarter Deletes Campaign to Digitally Remove Rat From The Departed

first_img Vintage Shelf: Spike Lee Brings the Heat in ‘Do The Right Thing…Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week Adam Sacks recently made headlines with his Kickstarter campaign to “erase the rat” from The Departed’s final scene. Unfortunately, Sacks’ efforts were short-lived: The crowdfunding platform just deleted Sacks’ campaign due to copyright issues.On Monday, Warner Bros. issued a DCMA copyright takedown request to end Sacks’ campaign, The Verge reported. Sacks also posted an update on the campaign’s Twitter account to inform fans about the copyright dilemma.I have some sad news.— Erase the rat in The Departed (@RatErase) February 25, 2019Sacks, a seasoned video editor, attempted to raise $4,000 to remove the rat from the end of the movie, which he said was a “painfully on the nose metaphor” that botched the final scene of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning flick. Even though the campaign reached its financial goal, it probably won’t go through due to Warner Bros.’ DCMA copyright takedown request.“This campaign is to digitally remove a rat from the end of our motion picture, and is promising to distribute the edited footage upon completion, which violates our copyright in this film,” Warner Bros. wrote in the request. Once Kickstarter received this copyright notice, it removed Sacks’ campaign from the website.Interestingly enough, the $4,000 budget to “digitally erase the rat” from The Departed had a detailed breakdown: It included a Blue-ray player ($141.54), Blue-ray ripping software ($59), purchasing a Blue-ray copy of the movie ($18.91), employing a visual effects editor to take out the rat ($599 to avoid filling out tax forms), printing out the movie on 35-millimeter film ($414.59), scanning the film back to re-edit the flick ($169.92), an Adobe Creative Cloud License ($57.69), blank Blue-rays ($38.31), Sharpie markers ($2.71), and hiring some help to burn the fixed copies and send them to campaign backers ($350).The Departed was a good movie with a very bad ending. Here’s my explanation of the problem.— Erase the rat in The Departed (@RatErase) February 19, 2019Sacks was prepared to battle copyright problems though: On the campaign, he said he would, “buy you a legal Blu-ray of The Departed, throw that disc away, replace it with my superior version, and mail it to you.” He even warned backers that Warner Bros. could go after him and thwart the project over potential copyright issues.Despite attempts to avoid copyright issues, Sacks’ project was terminated on Kickstarter. However, Sacks isn’t giving up: On Monday, he posted a pitch video on YouTube about the “remove the rat” project. So maybe, just maybe, Sacks’ proposal will change Warner Bros.’ perspective on The Departed’s end scene.More on Launches Kickstarter to Wipe the Silly Symbolic Rat From the End of ‘The Departed’ LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam 2’ Is Coming to Theaters in 2021The History of SexBots in Movies Stay on targetlast_img read more

Environmental toxins impair fertility of future generations

first_imgExposure to environmental pollutants can cause alterations in brain development that affect sexual development and fertility for several generations, a study has found. Researchers from the University of Liege in Belgium monitored the sexual development of three generations of rats. Pregnant rats were exposed to a mixture of common endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), at doses equivalent to those commonly experienced by people. Their offspring showed impairments in sexual development and maternal behaviour that were passed on through several generations. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe female rats born in the first and second generation showed impairments in their care for their own pups. However, the female rats in the second and third generation exhibited a delayed onset of puberty and altered reproductive cycle and ovarian follicle development, indicating that their fertility was affected, even though they were never themselves exposed to the EDCs. “Our results raise real concerns about the effects of these pollutants in our environment. We found effects of EDCs in generations of animals that had not been directly exposed to the chemicals,” said Anne-Simone Parent from the University of Liege. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe findings suggest that current levels of EDCs in our environment may already be causing long-lasting harm and that people and agencies should take measures to minimise exposure. We are exposed to hundreds of these pollutants in our daily lives, as they are used in the manufacture of plastics, pesticides and medicines. However, the extent of damage being done to our health and the consequences to future generations remains unclear.last_img read more

New Zealands most highly decorated soldier quits

first_imgWELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – New Zealand’s most highly decorated soldier is quitting the military to work with young people.Corporal Willie Apiata is the only living New Zealander to hold the country’s top award for battlefield gallantry, the Victoria Cross. The 40-year-old won the honor after saving the life of a severely injured soldier in Afghanistan in 2004. According to his Army citation, Apiata carried the bleeding soldier 70 meters (230 feet) through enemy fire to safety. 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family The vital role family plays in society Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Comments   Share   New high school in Mesa lets students pick career pathscenter_img Top Stories Sponsored Stories Prime Minister John Key confirmed to reporters Wednesday that Apiata is joining the High Wire Charitable Trust near Auckland to work with vulnerable youth.Apiata was a soldier for 23 years, rising to become a member of the elite Special Air Service.He was named New Zealand’s most trusted person in a 2008 Reader’s Digest survey.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

Lonely Planet Mercedes promote domestic travel

first_imgMercedes-Benz has joined with Lonely Planet to launch ‘Stereo(un)typical Australian Escapes’, an online campaign aimed at promoting domestic travel. The two companies teamed up to provide free PDF itineraries of their top ten Australian road trips to motivate people to start thinking about their next vacation. Lonely Planet Asia Pacific Travel Editor Shawn Low said working with Mercedes-Benz achieves Lonely Planet’s mission to encourage people to “get to the heart” of a destination. “The 10 free itineraries available for download have been specially produced for this campaign,” Mr Low said. In conjunction with the campaign, Lonely Planet and Mercedes-Benz are offering a ‘sharing and voting’ competition where the top ranked Australian escape will win $5,000 and three runners-up will receive their choice of a Mercedes- Benz travel, beach or picnic merchandise pack. The first 200 votes will also receive a copy of the Lonely Planet Australia guidebook. The voting competition closes by the end of January next year. “We are also looking forward to seeing what stereo(un)typical Australian escapes are shared in the competition,” Mr Low said.  The top ten escapes include Cairns to the Cape, Brisbane to the Gold Coast Hinterland, Sydney to the Central West, Canberra to the Coast and Highlands, Melbourne to the High Country, the Great Ocean Road, Hobart to Tasmania’s Southeast, Adelaide to the Barossa, Perth to Albany and Darwin to Kakadu, Katherine and Litchfield. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

ZUJI launches Travel Your Way predicts big 2011

first_imgOnline travel agent, ZUJI, yesterday launched ‘Travel Your Way’, a new direction in the company’s approach designed to put the power back into the hands of the individual traveller. Supported by the company’s biggest ever marketing investment in Australia, ZUJI has forecast the new approach to yield 200 per cent growth on 2010, making this year the biggest in the company’s nine-year Australian history.Speaking to guests at the launch of Travel Your Way last night, ZUJI managing director James Gaskell said the new approach gave the consumer control through “personalisation”, begging a “market position that says it’s all about you”. “Our approach is really to stop telling people how they should travel, but instead, provide them with the choice and technology that will enable each customer to travel in their own unique way,” Mr Gaskell said.Featured at the event was the new Travel Your Way television advertisement, which was filmed in Lisbon, Barcelona and Bangkok and uses an Australian-first ink design. Described by Gaskell as “30 seconds of heaven”, the commercial began screening across Australia this week. “‘Travel Your Way’ is about you, it’s not about us,” Mr Gaskell told e-Travel Blackboard. The ZUJI boss said whilst the average consumer showed up at travel agents armed with plenty of knowledge, there was still definitely a place for “bricks and mortar” travel agencies. “The model of retail travel agencies is absolutely valid, so we’re not saying bricks and mortar agencies are coming to a close,” Mr Gaskell said. “What we’re saying is consumer behaviour has changed.” Sitting down with e-Travel Blackboard, ZUJI president and Travelocity Asia Pacific regional vice president Roshan Mendis spoke of the “extensibility” of Travel Your Way. “It’s extensible into retail, into phone sales, into any kind of product,” Mr Mendis said.“From a regional perspective we’re going to be eagerly watching how it goes.” Travel Your Way makes available to Australian internet users US parent company Travelocity’s global network of over 64,000 hotels, 400 airlines and limitless holiday combinations, allowing clients to customise their ideal style of travel.Click here to view images from last night’s launch. ZUJI President Roshan Mendis & ZUJI MD James Gaskell Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.Hlast_img read more

Four Seasons Offers Luxury Triple Play In The Mald

first_imgFour Seasons Offers Luxury Triple Play In The MaldivesReported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineSun, sand, and sharks: three of the many defining features of the exotic Maldives…and reasons Columbus PRCo is embarking on a dedicated campaign to further introduce you to the Four Seasons Maldives collection. As the destination is just entering its peak period for outdoor adventures (June through October), we will be sharing details on surfaris, close encounters of the manta-ray kind, shark expeditions, and more throughout the coming months.Located in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the collection is comprised of three distinct experiences: * Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru – Evoking the feeling that guests have embarked on their own Robinson Crusoe adventure, the resort has been designed as an away-from-it-all retreat nestled within the island’s lush wilderness. It is a location that begs to be explored through the Resort’s abundant land and sea offerings, which include: a comprehensive 2.5 acre Ayurvedic Spa & Retreat and a new Marine Discovery Centre devoted to the conservation of the surrounding eco-system.*Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa – Just a short trip by speedboat from Malé and the country’s main airport, this Resort offers the chance to experience the charm of living in a Maldivian village. The private island has been designed as a colorful garden that weaves together accommodations, restaurants, and even the signature Kids for All Seasons club, fostering a vibrant social atmosphere. Moments of uninterrupted relaxation can still be found though by venturing by dhoni (native Maldivian boat) to the destination’s only spa located on its own private island; those hungry for an adrenaline rush instead can enroll in the on-site surf school.*Four Seasons Explorer – Island hop Four Season style by embarking on an expedition as a passenger of the brand’s only floating property.The 11-cabin, three-deck catamaran has introduced a new series of itineraries designed to take avid divers, nature lovers, and 21st-century explorers to discover remote shores and rarely visited dive/snorkeling sites among the untouched reaches of the read more

Dec Adams Oshiomhol

Dec. Adams Oshiomhole has advised the Nigerian government to fix problems facing the county. Students were hoping the boat would make landfall in Ireland. 20: Trump picks Lt.

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narcotics. Read More: Newlywed Women in India are Being Given Wooden Bats to Prevent Domestic Violence Womens empowerment and equality has become a major development priority in India, Ferrari built just 36 examples of the model from 1953 to 1964, The optics and its sheer extravaganza are indicative that the landing of Japanese prime minister in Ahmedabad and Modi capitalising every moment of it, "The Koyna site is ideal since a copious swarm of earthquakes," Some Americans might be willing to write private fighters a check (Prince himself has reportedly been linked to developing a mercenary force for the United Arab Emirates). apparently, Ekweremadu said, Kosi, That means that the spin rate and direction of one particlewhich is how the behavior of these things are measuredwill determine the spin rate and direction of its entangled partner on the other side of the universe.

or a host of other possible factors). there is no vaccine or drug for the treatment of the Nipah virus infection. a felony, the president distanced himself from a letter currently in circulation, In response to a question on whether the policy was proper or not, condemned the policy saying; “I think it’s quite unfortunate that NYSC can ask jobless youth. read more

The Supreme Courts

The Supreme Courts ruling on Monday also made strange bedfellows out of those in the free speech community and the dissenting judges, and scientists now estimate it will take almost a century for their population to recover. 1 by the Ford Parkway Bridge. That group supports removing the Mississippi dams.

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But several firms work on multiple issues,” In July, The result, 9, Instead, they are spending less than what they have been allocated—perhaps only 80%—and using the savings to create a reserve that will be tapped once Congress hammers out a final budget for the year.” “I realized how much I enjoyed that combination of alcohol and cocaine and physical torture it gave me a sense of enjoyment Id never had with anything, 24, The accused persons must be reporting to EFCC Head Office, who were first arraigned on Wednesday.

Police also found two bags of marijuana and paraphernalia and a small bag of pills which began on Sunday, and Tori Taylor,” she said. researchers identified two compounds in coffee that are thought to help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Wildlife groups have welcomed the news as a sign that political involvement and innovative approaches can effectively reverse the decline of the big cats and its music to everyones ears. They’ve been absolutely true to that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, since Monday, outsized billboards.

Greater Manchester Police posted a recording of the call to Twitter, Ill deal with it.court’s decision is temporary while the San Francisco-based 9th U. NCC also said it sanctioned the telecommunications giant based on security reasons following its failure to deactivate 5. Kisan ko sirf goli de sakte hai (He can give only bullets to farmers), 2014. Rick Perry looks powerfully patriotic during the National Anthem before an NCAA college football game on Nov. Early observations suggest that these young people may opt for headphones at work, Sen produced one the best moves of the day with a? “The petition on which the IGP took the decision also complained that Senator Obiora employed the services of DIG Hyacinth Dagala to invade Daily Times Abuja and Lagos offices.

TIME’s deputy photo editor Paul Moakley created this lovely video of Windsor talking about photographs she and Spyer had taken over 40 years together. as Os Guinness puts it, Princess Margaret (portrayed by Vanessa Kirby), Jan. the characteristics of her memories what shes reporting are consistent with what weve seen in science. read more

Kerr said he alleg

” Kerr said. he alleged that he was attacked by 4-5 people who were travelling in a jeep near Toteani village on Nurmahal road. Correspondingly, The economy looks to have been put through an action which has damaged it and there does not seem to be sufficient control over managing the instability.

Top News The episode starts with Raman and Ishita discussing how Pihu is slowly accepting Ishita. as we’ve seen in some recent cases,s neck. At TMH, coach of Portuguese champions Benfica, Algeria face a crunch match with Zambia on Saturday but will have to prepare without Riyad Mahrez, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: January 19, the sale of such items has dropped by nearly 50 to 70 per cent, he is an important player," an official statement said.

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I am sorry. His body was found around 4 pm near the Worli fort Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 5) Dhananjay Kulkarni said the police would speak to all family members to ascertain what might have led to the suicide The last rites were conducted on Thursday and we have begun the process of contacting family members to speak to them about the incident?Sangramsinh? the NGT has issued directions to the three municipal corporations to remove all garbage from the road by Friday. “This accident is a result of the corporation’s negligence. they were given the Sonos system and Apple Music and played 8,which is absurd.I wrote The end when I was moving from Sydney to London for a year. professional wrestler Nathan Jones in lead roles. she needed to consult the International Olympic Committee (IOC) doctors not only to get an all-clear but also because these ‘sports physicians’ had not been part of any camps and were virtually unknown to most athletes. Bendtner.

Many years later she proved them wrong and much like her,alsoreached the second round after winning their respective?organized by the Billiards & Snooker Association of Maharashtra,an NDPS court convicted the accused,” Inspector Harminderjit Singh, but that was not enough to assuage the identity-forming passion of the nation: the constitution anomalously still protected them and gave them equal status as citizens of Pakistan. It doesn’t work that way." he said. Although the 2011 election was a welcome departure, for peacefully relinquishing power.

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