Hurricane Recovery Report Oct 2

first_imgEMERGENCY MEASURES ORGANIZATION–Hurricane Recovery Report, Oct.2 When power returns to your home make sure your refrigerator comes on and that the inside temperature goes down as power surges may affect the operation of your refrigerator. Continue to buy small portions of food. Do not stock your fridge until power is permanently restored. When purchasing food either at a restaurant or grocery store ask questions about the storage or freshness of food and remember to check dates on packaging. It is important to prepare green bins for discarding food products immediately. Clean out any brush and dirt. Remove spoiled meats from their packaging and then wrap in newspaper, put in cereal boxes or similar type of material and place in your green bin. During this time it is important to wrap waste in packaging to absorb wetness and odour. Regular green bin pickup is on schedule and local municipalities will notify of any changes in this procedure. Wash your hands when discarding food as high levels of bacteria may be present. If a food does not appear normal in odour, colour or consistency do not consume it. Questions about food safety can be directed to 902-424-1173. Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Chris d’Entremont is in Ottawatoday meeting with Federal Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief todiscuss the impacts of Hurricane Juan and mad cow disease on NovaScotia’s agriculture industry. They will also discuss theflexibility of federal-provincial assistance programs. The Department of Justice’s Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP)offices are back in operation and staff will be processingsupport payments as quickly as possible. The Supreme Court FamilyDivision in HRM remains closed due to damages to the building.Cases will be rescheduled or transferred to the Law Courtsdowntown. As previously announced, all schools in HRM, Colchester and EastHants will remain closed until at least Monday, Oct. 6. Officialsare assessing the situation school by school to ensure thatbuildings and property are safe for the return of students andstaff. An update on school openings will be issued by Sunday,Oct. 5 at 1 p.m. EMO advises Nova Scotians interested in the disaster financialassistance program that further information on the program willbe available soon. The public is asked to be patient as thecleanup process and power restoration continues. The government of Nova Scotia is extending the deadline forrecent and current government job competitions to help people whocouldn’t apply this week or who may have experienced technicaldifficulties applying online. More information about the Hurricane Juan recovery efforts andcontact numbers can be found on the Web site or through public inquiries. That number is902-424-5200 in Halifax or toll-free 1-800-670-4357. -30-center_img While restoration of power remains the primary focus, governmentstaff and emergency volunteers are also ensuring that health andsafety needs of Nova Scotians affected by Hurricane Juan arebeing addressed, Ernest Fage, Minister responsible for theEmergency Measures Act, said today, Oct. 2. Ninety per cent of Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) customers shouldhave power restored by tonight. The utility is working with theEmergency Measures Organization (EMO) to identify areas ofpriority that need to be addressed. “Co-ordinated provincial, municipal and federal efforts to assistNova Scotia Power in that essential work continues,” said Mr.Fage. “Work crews and EMO staff appreciate everyone’s patienceand co-operation during this difficult time. The cleanup is goingas quickly as possible with 1,200 military personnel workingdaily to remove debris.” Military personnel cannot work in areas where there are downedwires without NSPI personnel in attendance. The minister said the vast majority of Nova Scotia businesses areresponding in a generous and community-minded fashion. “In thoserare cases where someone may be taking advantage of the situationfor personal gain, we will investigate, and where deemedappropriate, prosecute.” To help speed repairs, the Department of Environment and Labour’spublic safety division has streamlined the approval processrequired to reconnect electrical masts and meters to buildings. As of today, health officials say there has been a 25 per centincrease in emergency department activity in HRM. Wait times fortriage patients at the QEII Health Sciences Centre are from fiveto six hours. Throughout the QEII region, about 120 additional inpatient bedshave been established to house relocated patients. About 30 long-term care and transitional care patients have been relocated toother facilities and 47 patients of Point Pleasant Lodge arebeing temporarily housed at CFB Stadacona. Home care is beingprovided on a priority basis. The Department of Health encourages seniors who need help to callthe Continuing Care toll-free line at 1-800-225-7225. The Red Cross is also helping seniors in public housing and low-income families by providing nonperishable food items inpartnership with the Metro Food Bank and Metro Housing Authority.Youth groups and Dalhousie University students are alsovolunteering. Diapers and baby formula are being provided toFamily Resource Centres. Community barbecues were held at 12public housing units in partnership with the Metro Food Bank andlocal businesses. The Red Cross will provide food to thoseaffected in the Truro area. The Department of Community Services reports that all IncomeAssistance offices are now open. Cases are being assessedindividually, and income assistance clients will be able to getup to $50 per family and $10 for each child to purchase food forthe next few days until power is restored. New applicants will beassessed the same way. Several Metro Regional Housing Authority buildings remain withoutpower. The Red Cross is delivering water to these buildings againtoday. Agriculture and Fisheries inspectors are visiting restaurants inColchester and Pictou Counties to ensure food safety. As power isrestored to households and businesses, the Department ofAgriculture and Fisheries offers the following tips:last_img

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