Aussie and Kiwi sports stars in 4 Pacific Games events

first_imgThese sports are – rugby sevens, sailing, taekwondo and weightlifting.Their participation is setting a pathway for the Games to become continental.It will be the first time the two countries have taken part in the Games since the event started in 1963.The Pacific Games Council (PGC) approved a proposal to allow Australia and New Zealand to take part following an agreement between the Oceania National Olympic Committee and the Pacific Games Council.Oceania is the only region without a Continental Games and athletes from the region had to go to other competitions and regions to try to qualify for the Olympics.The four sports Australia and New Zealand will be allowed to compete in initially were chosen because it is believed that the other Pacific countries could compete against them.last_img read more

Boxing: Clottey Wins WBA Title over Australian

first_imgAs Liberian boxers cry for support and promotion, their Ghanaian counterparts are moving ahead as Middleweight boxer Joshua Clottey recently vanquished his Australian opponent in a title fight in Australia.Though reports from Ghana indicate that since Clottey’s victory, he is yet to receive his title, he is set to return to Ghana without it.Clottey outpointed Australian Anthony Mundine in Newcastle, Australia in their World Boxing Association (WBA) International light-middleweight title.Reports further say it is a traditional practice for a boxer who wins a match to be presented with his title, the absence of the WBA International belt on the night of April 9, 2014 is very much troubling.”I raised questions but it seemed to me that they did not expect me to win the title,” Clottey told journalists after the bout.Reports also say he called his manager in the United States on the matter who also spoke to the authorities in Australia and was promised his title within days.Clottey’s next is opponent is American boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather Jr sometime this year based upon terms and conditions that defined his fight with Mundine.Clottey, 36, automatically becomes the number one contender to Mayweather Jr’s light-middleweight crown. Clottey, has recorded 38 wins, including 22 knockouts, and four losses.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

CDC Youth Wing Chair Jailed

first_imgAfter failing to secure a US$2,500 bond, the Monrovia City Court on Wednesday forwarded a political party youth leader, Jefferson T. Korjee, to the Monrovia Central Prison to await trial on charges of aggravated assault and kidnapping.Korjee is the National Youth Chairman of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), whose political leader is Amb. George M. Weah.Party members created a spectacle trying to raise the bond in time to prevent Korjee from going to jail. A dramatic effort by Korjee’s lawyers and other executive members of the party including Representatives Acarous Gray and Thomas Fallah of Montserrado County Districts 8 and 5 respectively could not muster the bond fee of US$2,500.They were expected to file the bond before 3 p.m. because under the State of Emergency, every court throughout the country is ordered to be closed by that time instead of the normal 6 p.m. closing time.Because party members delayed in obtaining the bond fee, Magistrate James Dudu ordered Korjee’s detention at the Monrovia Central Prison.Previously Korjee had spent two nights at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) before he was charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping. His charge is based on a complaint from one Gbeh Salinto Montgomery said to be the deputy national secretary for youth affairs of the CDC.Montgomery accused Korjee and another CDC executive, Mulbah Morlu of stripping and flogging him. He alleged that the beating caused him several bodily wounds.Morlu did not appear before the court on Wednesday and the reason for his absence was not disclosed.Interestingly, at Wednesday’s hearing, a group of young people believed to be followers of Korjee and the party was seen holding placards in their hands, protesting against his imprisonment and describing it as “politically motivated.”They were, however, prevented from entering the courtroom by officers of the Police Support Unit (PSU) of the LNP. The PSU officers managed to restore calm at the Temple of Justice before they drove Korjee away to his prison cell. Montgomery recounted that the alleged flogging happened on October 21 at the CDC party headquarters during one of their meetings.Montgomery alleged that Korjee and Morlu harmed him because of his support for the party’s former chairman, Mr. George Solo. “On the morning of October 21 at about 3 am, I received a call from Korjee and he said that he was disappointed in me because my car was parked in the fence of Solo,” Montgomery explained in his allegation to police.Montgomery said his response to Korjee was that they as youth leaders needed to do something to maintain peace in the party.Montgomery further recounted that after the conversation he called one Habakkuk Wommie who is the vice chairman for International Affairs of the party’s Youth League.     It was Wommie who suggested for them to meet at the party headquarters to discuss the matter, Montgomery claims.“While we were in the discussion a young man threatened me not to leave the area,” the CDC’s deputy youth secretary said.“While I was arguing with the young man, a group of other young men, including Korjee, Morlu and Habakkuk grabbed me and took me to the back of the headquarters.  They put me into a small room where I met another man identified as Tetoe, whose two legs were tied,” Montgomery further recounted.Montgomery said it was in the room that Morlu, Korjee and Habakkuk stripped and flogged him.“They claimed that they were acting upon the instructions of Amb. George Weah,” Montgomery alleged.“After beating me,” Montgomery added, “they started questioning me about several issues relating to my alliance with George Solo.”“Who’s supporting George Solo in the government?” he quoted one of the questions his tormentors asked him.“They threatened that if I didn’t tell them what they wanted to know, they would kill me because Amb. Weah had asked them to kill me for going against his interest,” Montgomery claimed regarding Amb. Weah’s alleged involvement in the plot.Montgomery further claimed that Morlu and Korjee promised to release him only if he agreed to lie on himself in a video recording.“They intimidated me into declaring on the recording that I sexually harassed a little girl, which was the reason why the angry mob attacked me,” Montgomery said in his testimony to police.He further alleged that Korjee and Morlu also threatened to release the video if he tried to disclose anything to the media about his mistreatment.Police said during the investigation that the accused, Korjee, Morlu and Habakkuk denied the allegations.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Liberians Must Support Bill for Dual Citizenship’

first_imgThe Liberian Advocacy for Change (LAC), made up of Liberian citizens residing in the United States, in an open letter to the Liberian public, has called on all Liberians to join them to plead with the Legislature to support a bill to grant them ‘dual citizenship.’In LAC’s appeal, a copy of which is with the Daily Observer, the LAC said, “We are Liberians who have resided in the United States and many other countries around the world. During this period several countries due to humanitarian reasons agreed and came to our aid by resettling Liberians all over the world to rebuild their lives. “In keeping with the various policies of those countries, most Liberians obtained citizenship in those countries knowing this was an opportunity to better our lives, get quality education and skills needed to later return and contribute to the development of our devastated Nation.”The release, signed by Mr. Togba R. Croyee Porte for Liberian Advocacy for Change, said, “Our initiative is not affiliated with any political party, religion, tribal or ethnic organization. It is solely because we are Liberians who continue to support our friends and family in Liberia by sending millions of dollars every year by MoneyGram and Western Union.“Besides this financial contribution, we have the burning desire to help in any way we can to contribute to the development of our country. Our desire is not a new one as countries all around the world have passed laws for Dual Citizenship for their citizens where they have been displaced because of wars and other catastrophes such as Nigeria and Ghana. “This is the same provision that we are asking you to petition the Liberian Legislature to adopt. We want to help shape the present and the future of our country by opening businesses, bringing in organizations and friends we have made abroad who can help to make life for all Liberians better.”The release quoted the Liberian 1986 Constitution, which states in chapter 1, Article 2 that, “all persons who on the coming into force of this Constitution were lawfully citizens of Liberia shall continue to be Liberian citizens.”(a)The release concluded: “In view of the following constitutional provisions and all that we are doing to help our family and friends in Liberia we ask you to join your voices with our voices to support the bill in the Legislature that will make sure our rights as Liberians are protected.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lack of Teachers Crippling Public Schools

first_imgThe campus of New Yourpea Public School where there are reports of a shortage of teachers in spite of enrolment soaring from 315 to 500.Many public schools in Nimba County are reportedly short of teachers to meet the demands of ever increasing student population in the country spurred by government’s compulsory primary education policy.It is reported that in Buuyao Electoral District #5, school age children often loiter during class hours because, according to some of the parents, “the children do not have teachers and so they are free to roam about.”“We do not have teachers to teach us, this is why you see us outside of the classrooms,” some of the students attending the Teahplay Public School told the Daily Observer during a recent tour.“We have four teachers assigned to this school, but only two of them are on government payroll. Sometimes we sit in the class the whole day without any of them around,” a student claimed.Most of the schools the Daily Observer visited were crowded, but lacked enough teachers to keep the pupils busy with schoolwork.At Gblarlay Public School, for example, student enrolment is about 400, but with just one government paid teacher. The five volunteers are not regular because they are not given any incentive, they said.“The L$1,000 the community promised to give us is not forthcoming since the first period. It has caused most of the volunteers to stop coming to school,” said Napoleon Brewer, a student-volunteer at Gblarlay.In Beo Bleemieplay Town, parents are complaining of the limited number of teachers which they said is hampering the children’s learning process.“The government makes us force our children to attend school under the compulsory primary education policy but there are no teachers assigned to instruct them,” said Ma Nancy, one of the parents.“Most of the government assigned teachers are from the communities where they teach, a situation that makes it very hard to get the kind of cooperation the residents will need from them,” one of the teachers from New Yourpea Public School observed.When contacted, Nimba County Education Chief Officer (CEO) Moses Dologbay said the government is not recruiting teachers, but is rather updating its payroll system to absorb the qualified volunteered teachers.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Proposed removal of custodial sentence sparks debate

first_imgMarijuana possession– MP notes need for drug rehabilitation support services– Rights commissioner urges clarity on lawful quantityBy Jarryl BryanThe President’s recent announcement that custodial sentences for possession of small amounts of marijuana would be removed from the statute books is being greeted with various reactions by some stakeholders.While they agree the measure is good in principle, questions are being raised in regard to the execution of this plan.In an interview with this publication, the Opposition point woman on health, Parliamentarian Dr Vindhya Persaud, expressed the belief that while removing custodial sentences is a step in the right direction, support services such as drugPresident David Grangerrehabilitation and treatment centres are wholly lacking.“I don’t support the use of marijuana whatsoever, and even though countries have legalised marijuana, there is so much debate in the process about the properties of marijuana. But instead of persons being sentenced to (jail), they can have rehabilitation,” Persaud, also a medical doctor, posited.“This is the problem. There are Acts that have been put into place and the infrastructure to actually make them work is not in place. If we go this way, while it is something that can be beneficial, the regulatory infrastructure and the services to implement it (are lacking),” Persaud said.Former Vice President of the Guyana Rastafari Council and Rights of the Child Commissioner, Nicole Cole, welcomed the proposed initiative, but expressed concern that the term “small amounts” is yet to be quantified.“I welcome the positive promise to remove custodial sentences for the possession of small amounts of marijuana,” she said, going on to note that “the President isOpposition MPDr Vindhya Persaudstill to commit to the quantity that constitutes ‘small amounts’.”Cole questioned whether Government’s definition of small would amount to 15 grammes, 25 grammes, 56 grammes or 3 ounces. She stressed that such a law must be as unambiguous as possible.Cole also noted that, for too long, members of the Rastafari community have been denied their rights when it comes to personal use of marijuana on religious grounds. This, she pointed out, is despite the fact that the right to religion is enshrined in the Constitution of Guyana.PressureAmidst pressure to decriminalise possession of small quantities of marijuana, President David Granger assured on Friday, during a press conference, that Government would soon present the legislation for non-custodial sentences.“We have taken a decision in principle that custodial sentences for the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use would be legally abolished. After the National Assembly comes off of recess, we could look forward to that legislation being passed,” the Head of State told reporters.He went on to note that Cabinet has already collectively agreed to pursue this, and he said there should be no difficulty in implementing it.The Alliance For Change (AFC) –minority party in the coalition Government – has been pushing for legislative reform with regard to the narcotics law, which currently imposes a minimum sentence of three years and a maximum sentence of five years, on narcotics traffickers.In fact, AFC parliamentarian Michael Carrington had filed a motion seeking toRights of the Child Commissioner Nicole Colesoften penalties for marijuana possession. The draft bill had stipulated that persons who are found in possession of the drug for personal use would be required to pay a fine of $10,000, or perform community service for a period of time.However, that motion was subsequently withdrawn for further amendments on sentencing and marijuana decriminalisation. It has since been placed on the Order Paper, and is expected to receive the National Assembly’s attention when it comes out of recess in October.The issue of non-custodial sentences for small amounts of marijuana gained momentum back in March 2016 when inmates at the Georgetown Prisons started a fire which eventually killed 17 prisoners, while several others along with prison staff were injured.A subsequent probe had found, among other issues, significant overcrowding at the facility had contributed to the events, and as such, considerations were re-ignited to reducing custodial sentences for certain offences, such as possession of small amounts of marijuana, as a solution to reducing overcrowding within the prisons system.Recently, a Caribbean Community (Caricom) Commission on Marijuana has made recommendation for the decriminalisation of marijuana across member states, saying that the substance can be controlled and regulated as in the case of alcohol.This recommendation was placed before the 39th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of Caricom, which was held in Jamaica in July.During the conference, it was recognised that member states would need to review the report in more detail to determine action at the national level in relation to law reform models, as proposed by the Commission.last_img read more

Suspects confess to killing trio after caught stealing fuel

first_imgCorentyne triple murderA fishing expedition turned into a disaster when a family was cold-bloodedly murdered after witnessing several persons stealing fuel from a nearby farm.Pawan Chandradeo, also called “Surish”Four of the seven suspects who were in Police custody – a farmer (Carlton ‘Lyman’ Chetram), his wife, their son (19-year-old Jairam Chetram) and an employee (Tameshwar Tajmohan) – have confessed to the killing in the Corentyne triple murder case.Crime Chief Wendall Blanhum confirmed to Guyana Times that the suspects on Thursday succumbed under intense questioning by investigators and confessed to the murder which occurred exactly one week ago at Cookrite Savannah, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).Jaikarran Chandradeo, also called “Kevin”Narish Rooplall, also called “Mice”The suspects reportedly told investigators that another employee was involved in the crime and Police have since launched a manhunt for him. Based on information received, the farmer Chetram who owns a rice land, would often trespass onto the nearby farm of Sudama ‘King’ Jagmohan to steal diesel from fuel tanks stored in the compound.Jagmohan said one of the men in custody; Tameshwar Tajmohan worked with him and was one of the trusted employees. He said he had been losing fuel for the past three years but had no idea that his neighbours were involved.On the night in question, the Chetram along with his family and two employees were breaking the padlock to gain access to the fuel but the loud noise alerted the trio who eventually confronted them.Fearful that their identities would be exposed and that they would be handed over to the Police, the group murdered the three men.The farmer is said to be a licensed firearm holder and the suspected murder weapon, his shotgun, was on Tuesday sent for ballistic testing following autopsies on the victims’ bodies on Monday.Meanwhile, charges are expected to be laid soon against the four suspects while the other three persons who were in police custody have been released.The bodies of 33-year-old Naresh Rooplall; 37-year-old Pawan Chandradeo, also known as “Suresh”; and his 15-year-old son, Jaikarran, also known as “Kevin” were discovered on the morning of July 22, each bearing one gunshot wound.Autopsies performed on the bodies of Jaikarran and Rooplall, gave their cause of death as shock and haemorrhaging caused by a gunshot wound.Chandradeo died from shock and haemorrhaging following a laceration to the head and a fractured skull.Their bodies were laid to rest on Wednesday.The discovery of the bodies was made shortly after daybreak by another rice farmer. The bodies were lying on a dam about three miles into the savannah, a short distance away from a camp called “King’s Camp”.The men had gone on a fishing expedition which began at 15:00h on Thursday. They were expected back at about 03:00h on Friday morning. Also on the trip was another of Chandradeo’s sons.The young lad told investigators that while on the journey with his family, he was instructed to wait at “King’s Camp” with a guard who was stationed there. Those instructions were given to him at about 19:00h on Thursday.According to the teen, at about 20:00h on Thursday evening, he heard what appeared to be two gunshots, and later the rapid sound of what appeared to be four more gunshots.At daybreak, the lad said he left “King’s Camp” in search of his father, brother, and uncle. “I call for dem but I ent get no reply.”On his way, he met a man who told him that he did not see his relatives and advised him to return to his home, which he did.According to Chandradeo’s wife, Chandrawattie Rooplall, also called “Pam”, she received information that her husband had been injured in the backdam from a security guard attached to the Mibicuri Hospital, even before her son returned home.She explained that as she launched an investigation to verify the reliability of the report, she was told that the persons injured were not her husband, son, and brother.It was another brother of Chandradeo who went to the scene with the Police and confirmed Rooplall’s worst fears shortly before midday, when the bodies arrived at the Mibicuri Hospital.Pawan Chandradeo leaves to mourn a daughter, two sons and a wife to whom he got married on July 5.His brother-in-law, Narish Rooplall, leaves to mourn a wife, two brothers and a mother.last_img read more

QVC, HSN battle over slogan

first_imgPHILADELPHIA Like desperate shoppers fighting over a hot toy on Dec. 24, rival shopping networks QVC and HSN are waging war over the slogan “Christmas in July.” Both networks promote shows with that title in July, offering viewers a chance to stock up early on a $53 porcelain holiday cat or $36 lighted wreath. Now they are competing over the name in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. QVC argues that it started its “Christmas in July” program first, in 1987. But the smaller HSN aka the Home Shopping Network was the first to the door of the U.S. patent office in 2000. QVC lawyer Manny Pokotilow argues that the West Chester-based company had what is known as a “common-law” trademark for using and promoting the name, even if it never registered it. “We assume that there may have been actual confusion, … that someone assumed they were dealing with QVC,” Pokotilow said. “The question is whether or not there has been damages. We don’t know.” HSN ignited the fight when it sent QVC a cease-and-desist letter last year but now argues that neither side can lay claim to the common phrase. “A search on Google will turn up many, many reference to Christmas in July,’” said lawyer Edward Colbert, who represents St. Petersburg, Fla.-based HSN. “We don’t know the basis on which QVC is claiming complete and exclusive rights.” Legal skirmishes over seemingly generic phrases are nothing new. In 2002, the Todd M. Beamer Foundation fought for the right to use the Sept. 11-inspired phrase “Let’s Roll!” even though other people, hoping to cash in on the slogan, applied first. The foundation has since allowed Wal-Mart and the Florida State football team to use the morale-boosting motto. And in an oft-cited trademark case, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey sued Utah’s tourism department for using the slogan “The greatest snow on earth.” A federal appeals court found the slogan did play on the circus’ trademarked slogan, “The greatest show on earth,” but said Ringling Bros. did not prove actual damages. A Google search of the phrase “Christmas in July” turns up 481,000 hits, from a 1940 movie about a lovelorn office clerk to a charity motorcycle ride in Illinois. “It seems to me extremely unlikely that anyone would hear the phrase Christmas in July’ and think of either of these TV channels,” said University of Pennsylvania law professor Polk Wagner. “It seems like a fairly common phrase that’s used in retail establishments all the time. … That’s the basic problem the parties have.” AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinals160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgSt. Michael’s NotesAll County League The seniors were at home to Bundoran on Sunday last at the Bridge and they recorded a good victory winning on a scoreline of St. Michael’s 2-12 Bundoran 2-7.The St. Michael’s Team and Scorers were: Mark Anthony McGinley, Stephen Doak, James Henry Alcorn, Liam Paul Ferry, Michael Gallagher 1-1, Oisin Lanagn, Christy Toye, Martin McElhinney, Michael Langan 1-0, Michael Cannon, Lee Carr 0-1, Colm McFadden 0-3, Ciaran Gallagher, Andrew Kelly 0-6, Sub: Raymond McLaughlin 0-1 for lee Carr and Brendan Rodden for Michael Langan.Bundoran did not field in the Reserve Match.Both teams are away to Cloughaneely on this Sunday the 24th March with the Throw ins at 1.30pm and 3pm. St. Michael’s Mini LottoCongratulations to Geraldine O’Donnell and Orla Ards Creeslough who won the €3200 Jackpot in the St. Michael’s Mini Lotto on Sunday night last.  The numbers drawn were 1,3,6,7,8,10.  This weeks Jackpot be €2000. The winning ticket was a €5 Quick Pick which was sold at the bingo. The Club would like to thank Brian and Margaret Anne Dolan, Molly’s Bar Dunfanaghy, Seamus Sweeney Kildarragh Construction Philadelphia, Shaun Langan Creeslough Pallets and Michael McColgan Dunfanaghy for their continuing sponsorship of the lotto jackpot, it is very much appreciated.Tickets are on sale in local businesses in Dunfanaghy and Creeslough and at the Bingo Session in Massinass Community Centre Creeslough on Sunday evenings, tickets for the St. Michaels Mini Lotto can now also be purchased on line anywhere at at onlinelotto on facebook .St. Michael’s Bingo SessionCongratulations to Mary Brogan Ballyboes Falcarragh who won €500 at the 1st Anniversary Bingo on Sunday night last.  The winner of the €100 on the 5th Game was Ethan Doherty Umerafad Creeslough, The winner of the €100 on the 9th game was Geraldine O’Donnell Ards.Every house New Car if you check on 45 Numbers or less with the Lucky number in the Panel and also called in the first five numbers of that game. The Magic Number from 1 to 90 is drawn out every Sunday night before the bingo begins.  In addition every House winner will receive a free entry to the weekly lotto, this weeks Jackpot is €2000.  The single book is €8, Double, Double Book €12, Sheet €2. Bingo continues every Sunday evening at 8pm in the Massinass Community Centre.Well DoneWell done to Odhran McFadden and Ciaran McGinley who were part of the Donegal Minor Team that reached the Ulster Minor League Final last weekend and good luck to the team in the final.St. Michael’s Lotto Rota The names for the St. Michael’s Mini Lotto Rota for this Saturday night the 23rd April Dunfanaghy Cairns Witherow and Eamon McGinley, Creeslough/Shandon Joe Horan. 30th April Dunfanaghy Suzi Roarty and Anne Marie Kelly, Creeslough/Shandon Kieran Gallagher (Creeslough).HurlersThe Club played host to the County Hurling Team on Saturday last at the Bridge.SOS for Photographs!Nicola is currently gathering photographs for the clubhouse. If anyone has ANY team photographs from winning senior, reserve, u21 or any underage teams in league/championship/Gaeltacht she would really appreciate if you let her know. All hard copies of the photos will be returned to you safely once we make a copy of them or likewise photos can be emailed to secretary.stmichaels.donegal@gaa.iePlease spread the word as the team photos required date back to 1967!!All help with this little project would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.Club GearMichael Murphy Sports & Leisure is now stocking St Michaels club gear in children and adult sizes.Initials can be embroidered on tops if requested in the shop.St. Michael’s Minor BoardUnder 12’sTraining continues on a Thursday evening and any queries contact Brandon on 0860765703.U14sSt Michael ‘s U14s lost to Gaoth Dobhair at home last Monday evening. Overall they put in a better display than the previous few games and the team continues to get better.Training now takes place every FRIDAY evening at the Bridge @7pm. The bus is €3 and leaves Creeslough at 6.30pm.U16sMatches for the U 16s does not take place until after the Junior Cert Exams in June. Players will be advised when training commences by the manager –Martin.MinorsThe Minors played at home to buncranna last Wednesday evening at the Bridge. The Bridgemen had a comfortable win on a scoreline of 3-9 to 0-6.  They had an excellent first half, but had a poor second half display.  They are now scheduled to play the winners of macumhails v Moville in the northern semi final.Parish LeagueThe St. Michael’s Parish League continues this Sunday at the Bridge from 1.30pm until 3pm.  We still need volunteers please with refereeing and coaching .Any donations of home baking or Sandwiches would be greatly appreciated.On gate this week is Pauline Doherty and in tea rooms are Mary McFadden and Kate McNulty.GAA NEWS: ST MICHAEL’S CONTINUE GOOD FORM WITH EXCELLENT WIN OVER BUNDORAN was last modified: April 19th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GAASportSt Michaelslast_img read more

Harry Arter omitted from Rep of Ireland squad amid rumours of bust-up with Roy Keane

first_img“His club appearances have been few and far between just recently and he wants to concentrate on that.”O’Neill denied reports that Declan Rice’s decision to make himself unavailable amid England’s interest in him was also down to a clash with Keane, and revealed he has not had further talks with the player.He said: “No, I’ve not spoken with Declan recently. I’ve obviously spoken with the family, but Declan is taking a little bit of time.“Declan is a young fellow, 19 years of age. Obviously we are very, very keen to have him. He’s played senior football for us and of course when the country of your birth comes calling, it stops you in your tracks a little bit, so he has a decision to make.” Arter and Keane have reportedly fallen out Harry Arter has not been named in the Republic of Ireland squad for Thursday night’s Nations League clash with Wales amid reports of a spat with assistant manager Roy Keane.The Bournemouth midfielder, currently on loan at Cardiff, was included in the provisional squad, but did not make the final cut amid speculation that he had pulled out having played the full 90 minutes of his club’s 3-2 Premier League defeat by Arsenal on Sunday. Manager Martin O’Neill has admitted Arter’s decision not to meet up with the squad could have something to do with his spat with Keane.Speaking at a press conference in Dublin on Monday, O’Neill said: “That might be part of the reason, yes it could well be if that’s the case.“But he’s got a number of things to consider, obviously.”O’Neill said Arter’s loan move to Cardiff was also a reason behind his decision.He said: “Harry’s not coming, he’s concentrating on his club football at this moment. I think he wants to just get back on track. 2 2 Arter will not feature for his country against Wales last_img read more