Libyan turmoil persists year after Gadhafi death

first_img Sponsored Stories The conflicting reports, neither of which could be independently verified, reflect the turmoil that has persisted over the past year, leaving the oil-rich North African nation deeply divided. Tensions have spiked as rival forces battle over the city of Bani Walid.Bani Walid, some 140 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Tripoli, was the last major city in Libya to fall to the uprising, thanks in part to its protected location in a valley near the mountains. Over the past year, it has seen periodic violence and emerged as the most significant town in Libya still resisting the country’s new authorities since Gadhafi was slain near his hometown of Sirte last year.“We’ve lost too many people in Bani Walid and we are still losing them so I don’t think it’s time for a celebration,” said Abdessalem Mahfoud, a local neighborhood council member in Tripoli, when asked about the anniversary of Gadhafi’s death.The turmoil in Libya, which overthrew Gadhafi last year with the help of NATO airstrikes, has become a campaign issue in the U.S. presidential race after an attack on the U.S. consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. ___Associated Press writers Esam Mohamed in Tripoli and Sarah El Deeb in Cairo contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Top Stories In the year since Gadhafi’s death, conflicts have broken out around the country, and despite the unprecedented election of a 200-person national assembly, the central government is weak and power remains with the armed groups that sprung up with the rebellion.A hard-line Islamist militia in Benghazi, Ansar al-Shariah, is widely believed to have been behind the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate, although it has denied responsibility.These groups, especially the armed militias, have often pursued their own agendas, some dating back to longstanding feuds inside a country Gadhafi controlled unchecked for more than four decades.After Gadhafi was killed, the former rebels negotiated a takeover of the Bani Walid and then looted it, prompting the angry citizens to form their own militia and throw out their new rulers in January.The tensions boiled over when one of the rebels celebrated for being among those who captured Gadhafi, Omran Shaaban, was captured and allegedly tortured by the Bani Walid militia.He later died in a French hospital and stencils of his name and face can be seen painted on buildings in Tripoli. As the militias gathered for revenge, the government authorized them to retrieve those responsible for the killing, setting the stage for the current siege. For many who fought against Gadhafi, the new Libya cannot be born until the last vestiges of the old regime, fugitives like Ibrahim and towns like Bani Walid, have been routed.“I don’t think things are really moving in the right direction until we finish with Bani Walid because it is stopping us from making a new Libya,” said Abdel-Basit al-Mzirig, a former deputy justice minister and now on Libya’s human rights council.A statement from the prime minister office said that Ibrahim was caught at a checkpoint outside Bani Walid while trying to flee a recent uptick in fighting over the town and would be taken to Tripoli for questioning.However, the government produced no proof of its claim and hours later, Ibrahim had not been seen in public. State television did briefly show a photograph of a man in a hospital bed with a bandaged shoulder which they labeled as the former spokesman, but the veracity of the photo could also not be confirmed.The urbane, English-speaking Ibrahim became the face of the regime in its final months and was the most well-known former regime figure to remain unaccounted for after Gadhafi’s son and heir-apparent Seif al-Islam was taken late last year. The regime’s former intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senoussi was later detained in Mauritania and extradited to Libya. Associated PressTRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – On the anniversary of the capture and killing of Moammar Gadhafi, Libya is still grappling with the legacy of his four decades of rule as the interim government and the dictator’s former spokesman engaged in a war of words amid the ongoing chaos.The Libyan government said Saturday its forces had detained Gadhafi’s high profile spokesman Moussa Ibrahim, but an online recording from a man purporting to be Ibrahim denied that claim and said he wasn’t even in the country. Comments   Share   Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Four benefits of having a wireless security system Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk “We are protecting Libya because there are pro-Gadhafi people in Bani Walid. There are many wanted people there _ they are devils,” said Omar Saleh, a militiamen with the Libyan Shield manning the Umm Rashrash checkpoint 60 kilometers (40 miles) from Bani Walid. “We haven’t started to bombard them yet _ we could if we wanted _ but we are afraid of hitting civilians.”Libya is still building a national army and transitional authorities depended heavily on ex-rebel forces such as Libya Shield to secure the country.The civilians, meanwhile, streamed out of the town as the steady thump of heavy machine guns could be heard from miles away.They said the main road was blocked but they had taken dirt roads through olive groves toward the nearby town of Tarhouna.Trucks piled high with mattresses and filled with children and women wearing all-encompassing robes were searched by the militia before being sent on their way.“I left Bani Walid at 5 a.m. There is random shelling there and people are dying, including women and children,” Ghaith Hadi Ghaith said as he waited for his car to be inspected. “There is nothing to eat or drink.”He said the shooting was coming from all sides. He claimed the city only had 150 to 160 pro-Gadhafi people, but that was hotly disputed by the militiamen who said there was a list of 400 wanted figures from the old regime and hundreds more gunmen. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day It is not clear what charges Ibrahim might face, but officials in the past have suggested he might be accused of incitement and disseminating false information.The seven-minute recording, which was posted on Ibrahim’s Facebook page, rejected the reports that he had been captured, as well as subsequent, unconfirmed rumors about the detention of Gadhafi’s son Khamis, who was reportedly killed last year.“We are outside of Libya. We have no relations with Bani Walid and no contact with it. We are nowhere near Bani Walid,” he said.Libyans have failed to overcome deep enmities between those who fought to overthrow Gadhafi and former loyalists of the late leader, whose eccentric and brutal rule focused on pitting tribes against one another.Al-Mzirig said many remnants of the old regime are still working inside the government and only after they have been removed will the country fulfill the promises of the uprising, which began in February 2011 as part of the Arab Spring wave of revolts that swept the Middle East but quickly morphed into a civil war.This attitude, common among many who fought in the uprising, bodes ill for future efforts to bring rival groups together. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

The Week Ahead Differing Opinions Between Appraisers Homeowners

first_img Share in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, Market Studies, News Appraiser Homeowner Quicken Loans 2016-05-08 Staff Writer The Week Ahead: Differing Opinions Between Appraisers, Homeownerscenter_img May 8, 2016 613 Views History has shown that homeowners typically value their homes at a higher price point than appraisers, and as the housing market evolved, these opinions were beginning to inch closer to reaching a point of equilibrium but that has since changed. Will appraiser and homeowners find common ground this week?According to the most recent Home Price Perception Index (HPPI) by Quicken Loans, on a national level, the Index revealed that in March, home values as determined by appraisers were actually 2.17 percent lower than what homeowners expected. That’s a wider gap than in February, when appraised value was just 1.99 lower than the homeowner’s expectation.“The varying HPPI values across the country illustrates the importance of examining the market at the local level,” said Bob Walters, Chief Economist for Quicken Loans. “If homeowners are eyeing that new home being built across town, they could be pleasantly surprised how much their home will sell for—or in some instances their equity may not take them as far as they think—depending on what area of the country they’re in.”Like the HPPI, the HVI showed some distinct differences in regional data. In the Midwest, appraised values saw a 0.69 percent drop, while the West experienced a 1.52 percent increase over the last month. All four regions of the U.S. saw increases at an annual level.“It’s not always easy for homeowners to keep their finger on the pulse of their equity,” Walters said. “This data shows homes have continued to increase in value since the depths experienced after the last recession. Those increases mean far fewer Americans have negative equity in their homes. This increases their mobility and is a positive development for all segments of the housing market.”Here is the lineup for the week:Monday, May 9, 2016Charles Evans Speaks- 5:10 A.M. ESTChicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans participates in panel at the International Financial Services Forum in London.Tuesday, May 10, 2016Quicken Loans’ Home Price Perception IndexNeel Kashkari Speaks- 1:00 P.M. ESTMinneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari will give a speech to the Economic Club of Minnesota.Wednesday, May 11, 2016MBA Mortgage Applications- 7:00 A.M. ESTThursday, May 12, 2016Loretta Mester Speaks- 11:00 A.M. ESTCleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta Mester will speak on monetary policy in Reichenau Island, Germany.Eric Rosengren Speaks- 11:45 A.M. ESTBoston Federal Reserve Bank President Eric Rosengren will speak in Concord, New Hampshire.Esther George Speaks- 2:15 P.M. ESTKansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George speech on the economy, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.Friday, May 13, 2016John Williams Speaks- 6:45 P.M. ESTSan Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams will give a speech on the economy in Sacramento.last_img read more

TEMPE Ariz — The Arizona Cardinals signed tight

first_imgTEMPE, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals signed tight end Jake Ballard on November 4, and he appeared in a game for the team six days later.It was a significant milestone for the former New York Giant and New England Patriot, as he had been recovering from a torn ACL and had been anxious to get back on the field.In eight games with the Cardinals, Ballard caught seven passes for 75 yards and two touchdowns. “It was a step in the right direction,” the tight end said Monday as the Cardinals cleaned out their lockers following a Week 17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. “I’ll just continue to build on that.” 0 Comments   Share   “If that’s here, great, if it’s not, we’ll just see what happens,” he said. “But I’ve enjoyed my time here. All I want to do is play. I sat at home for 10 weeks and didn’t do anything, so I’ll do whatever I have to.” – / 22 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The numbers are modest, at best, but they represent more than just stats for the 26 year old.“I was happy with everything,” he said. “My knee didn’t cause me any issues. Every week I was getting better and I’ve been lifting, getting stronger, and I’m going to take this offseason to hopefully get back to where I was.”Where Ballard was, at least two years ago, was a key member of a Super Bowl champion Giants team. He caught 38 passes for 604 yards and four touchdowns that season, as the 6-foot-6, 275-pound former Ohio State Buckeye established himself as a reliable weapon in the passing game and capable blocker when asked to do so.He had been working his way back when the Cardinals offered to sign him, and could still use a little more time.“I think I have more room to grow,” he said, noting that it’s more about getting stronger and being the player he used to be than anything else. “Just getting my legs stronger and getting back into running like I used to. I have six months of just training, hit the weight room and hit the field and run a lot. I’m excited for that.”A restricted free agent, Ballard said he has no real preference on where he plays, as long as he gets to. Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

A lot of players are thrilled that after you beat

first_imgA lot of players are thrilled that after you beat a team on Thursday night, get a mini-bye weekend, how’s your health going into Philadelphia?“Well I think it’s going to be better than it has been in recent weeks. Hopefully we will get some of these players back this week. I’ll find out a little more this morning with my update I usually get from our training staff, Tom Reed and our doctors. But it’s nice to get that mini-bye. As I said last week those games are tough to get ready for on Thursday night, and you have to be more ready for the mental preparation. I knew that Minnesota was going to be ready to go after the embarrassment of playing the Seattle Seahawks and the way they played in that game. Mike Zimmer does a great job and I have a lot of respect for him as a coach and that he would have his team ready to go.”I want the Arizona Cardinals, I want you guys to lock up that No. 2 seed, we all know how critical that is. But I don’t think locking it up before the 16th week of the season is necessarily a good thing for a team, how do you feel about that?“Yeah that could be difficult because some teams can get into that mindset of almost a preseason mode where you are playing your backups and your resting starters and then when it’s time to go, those players have had so much time off that they are not in football shape or mentally prepared and ready to go. I think it’s a double edged sword and it can be tough. I know coach and I are going to have some long conversations about it.  I know this, I’m just happy to be in that position where we may have to have that conversation.” Did you have the opportunity to watch all the games or did you have an opportunity to step away from it?“No I had a chance to become a fan a little bit yesterday, but at the same time I was able to get some quality family time in and spend some time with the kids. But it was a good day to sit back and watch a little bit of NFL football and it gave me a little bit of perspective on what some of the other teams are doing around the league.”Like what? What stood out to you?“I watched a little bit of the Eagles game and it seems like they are on a roll and Sam Bradford seems to be playing good football now that he’s back and healthy. So that was interesting. Obviously the Panthers are rolling and they have a good football team.  Luke Kuechly is playing at a high level, Cam Newton on offense, so they are a fun team to watch.”You are credited with making 1-year contracts a winning proposition in the National Football League and it’s being mimicked by man other general managers across the NFL. Why do they work?“I think it’s a combination of things. I think it’s trying to find the right guy. I go back to talking about the person than I do about the player. Obviously these guys have had some type of success in the NFL, but you have to find guys who are hungry and are ultimately passionate about the game. So that’s part of it. The other part of it is that you have to have an open minded coaching staff that is willing to play the players and our coaches do a fantastic job of not only putting the players in a position to succeed, but more than anything they give them a chance to play which is half the battle.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories How critical are you of Thursday night’s game. BA said something funny that he couldn’t wait until Tuesday to chew them out because I’m sure there are a lot of things on film that concerns you but at the same time, how much is Thursday night football, just surviving and advance — happy to win  and ignore the film?“I told you guys about the advice I got from Jason Licht, just be happy with the win, particularly against a good football team. I think Rick Spielman and those guys have a nice job. They have some players. There’s no doubt about that. So to come away with a win from a quality opponent, that’s really something to get excited about. Particularly on a national stage. I think we are 3-0 or 4-0 on national televised games. That’s exciting. But I think every game you to be humble and step away and look in the mirror honestly and look at where you have made some mistakes and grow. We had some guys who didn’t play their best football and at the same time we had guys like Michael Floyd stepped up, I though Calais (Campbell) played excellent. Deone Bucannon continues to play at a high level as well as Pat Peterson. We just have to be ready to go this week. It’s going to be an uphill, tough challenge on Sunday Night Football in Philadelphia and hopefully the weather helps us a little bit and it’s not too cold. But again coming off the weekend and the mini-byes is going to have our guys fresh and ready to go.” – / 45 Comments   Share   Your browser does not support the audio element. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact What were you thinking when Dwight Freeney — with the spin move once again. What were you thinking when he came up with the strip sack?I was thinking that’s the best $200,000 we have ever spent.But another success Steve. Another success with a 1-year guy.“Dwight was champing at the bit to get off the couch. We knew from watching the tape that he still had the ability to apply pressure. Again last year I think he only had four sacks the entire season but he was sixth in the NFL in pressures. That inside spin is remarkable. I have not seen many guys who can master that. To have a guy to come off the edge and to be able to gain speed coming off that edge. It’s unusual. I haven’t seen anybody else do it like Dwight Freenly does it.”And they know it’s coming Steve. That is the thing that blows my mind every time. Every tackle that lines up against Dwight Freeney, knows here comes the spin. And they still can’t stop it.“No doubt! It’s so difficult because if you are the tackle, do you play on your toes or do you play on your heels. Either way you are screwed because once that spin comes, you are going to be on your face.” LISTEN: Steve Keim, Cardinals general manager Sometimes, it’s best to go straight to the man in charge.And when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals’ roster, that man is Steve Keim.Arizona’s general manager since January 2013, Keim’s deft touch with the draft and free agency has led to the team becoming a contender in the NFC.Lucky for us, Keim happens to be a weekly guest on the Doug and Wolf Show, right here on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. And since what he has to say is important, we thought it would be a good idea to put his words into print, allowing you to read what the GM is thinking. So, without further ado, here’s this week’s edition, which follows a 23-20 win over the Minnesota Vikings: Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires First four sacks that kicked in $200,000 bonus, now what happens for future sacks? What’s the big one?“It just goes up in increments for every two sacks. He’s a guy that we are going to count on down the stretch because as we have talked about it on this show, if there are any concerns, it is that ability to apply pressure without manufacturing and bringing the blitz. James Bettcher does a nice job in diagramming our defense and making sure guys are in positions to succeed. but we have to be able to win one-on-one situations from time-to-time and Dwight Freeney is a guy who can definitely do that for us.”When you watch the Cardinals offense on Friday or you might watch it that night against Minnesota, what were your thoughts about how the unit played overall?“Solid. I wouldn’t rank it up there with one of our best games, but again having so many different play makers where Carson can spread the ball to whether it’s Larry or Michael in clutch situations. Darren Fells had some big plays and I’m continued to be impressed with David Johnson, not only his ability to run the football, but what he brings to the table offensively because he puts so much stress on the defense with his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He’s one of the better receiving backs I have seen in a while, with his ability to run those angle routes and to be able to run those sling routes out of the back field and what he has also is what you have seen on a couple of the runs that he bounces is that he has such disruptive speed. For a guy who is 6 foot 1 inch, 226 pounds. He ran four fours coming out. I don’t think  sometimes defenders when they get a beat on him and they take a certain angle on him, that they understand the type of jets that he has on him and the ability to out run guys on the perimeter.” Arizona Cardinals linebacker Dwight Freeney (54) salutes the fans with teammate Markus Golden (44) after his sack in Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco during the second half of an NFL football game, Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)last_img read more

Cincinnatibased poet wins Walt Whitman prize for

first_imgCincinnati-based poet wins Walt Whitman prize for debut book by The Associated Press Posted Mar 29, 2018 5:31 am PDT Last Updated Mar 29, 2018 at 6:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – A Cincinnati-based poet is this year’s winner of the Walt Whitman Award for a debut book.The Academy of American Poets told The Associated Press on Thursday that Emily Skaja was cited for “Brute,” which comes out in April. The academy will purchase thousands of copies for it members. Skaja will receive $5,000 and a six-week residency at the Civitella Ranieri Center in Umbria, Italy. Whitman Award judge Joy Harjo praised “Brute” as a compelling “howl” over the end of a relationship.Skaja is associate poetry editor of the Southern Indiana Review and is working on a Ph.D. in creative writing and literature at the University of Cincinnati.last_img read more

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We played hard. the city council still has to OK it and the rooftop owners still may opt to sue the team after all. According to him, "Someone out there knows the whereabouts of Sue. “This is a reminder that spaceflight is an incredible challenge,"It’s great that it has survived this long, while the Garrison Concourse, not the impending night in the Fantasy Suite. Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette: The Drama: Shawn has decided that it’s time to talk to Nick and accuse him of not being there for the right reasons, a riot is the language of the unheard.

News18 Eighteen AIADMK MLAs owing allegiance to rebel leader TTV Dhinakaran were on Monday disqualified by Speaker P Dhanapal, and it seems that it is, stepping in to help Maliki and keep his coalition. They should help the Kurdsbecause we are the only viable partner left in Iraq" Talabani said the US should help arm and train the peshmerga to help stabilize the region rather than pouring arms into Baghdad "If wed had 1/17th of the arms they provided the Baghdad military we wouldnt have laid them down We wouldve fought and held our ground" Is it even possible to take a holistic approach to Iraq policy any more "The country fell apart long ago Now it’s about each part picking up its own crumbs and getting on with it" says Stafford Clarry a longtime United Nations official in Kurdistan "Forget about taking a national viewpoint and trying to build a country That train left the station" Contact us at editors@timecom Hannah Davis burst into tears when it was revealed that she would be this year’s cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition The 24-year-old model said she never expected to get the cover spot – “They do beaches for covers and I’m on a farm There’s no way It’s not possible’” But it was Here’s what else you need to know about the modeling newcomer: 1 She’s dating Derek Jeter The two have been a couple since 2012 after Jeter 40 broke up with actress Minka Kelly 2 She grew up in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands She said the best part about growing up there was the “friendly people great weather and waking up to the sound of waves on the beach” 3 This isn’t her first time in Sports Illustrated In fact it’s her third In the last swimsuit issue Davis was the face of the “Jersey Strong” campaign 4 She’s the DirecTV genie Yes Davis was the magic genie that lets you record up to five shows at once in DirecTV’s 2013 commercial 5 She’s a Caribbean tennis champion Watch her whup a male SI writer in a tennis match here See Every Cover of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 1964 Sports Illustrated 1965 Sports Illustrated 1966 Sports Illustrated 1967 Sports Illustrated 1968 Sports Illustrated 1969 Sports Illustrated 1970 Sports Illustrated 1971 Sports Illustrated 1972 Sports Illustrated 1973 Sports Illustrated 1974 Sports Illustrated 1975 Sports Illustrated 1976 Sports Illustrated 1977 Sports Illustrated 1978 Sports Illustrated 1979 Sports Illustrated 1980 Sports Illustrated 1981 Sports Illustrated 1982 Sports Illustrated 1983 Sports Illustrated 1984 Sports Illustrated 1985 Sports Illustrated 1986 Sports Illustrated 1987 Sports Illustrated 1988 Sports Illustrated 1989 Sports Illustrated 1990 Sports Illustrated 1991 Sports Illustrated 1992 Sports Illustrated 1993 Sports Illustrated 1994 Sports Illustrated 1995 Sports Illustrated 1996 Sports Illustrated 1997 Sports Illustrated 1998 Sports Illustrated 1999 Sports Illustrated 2000 Sports Illustrated 2001 Sports Illustrated 2002 Sports Illustrated 2003 Sports Illustrated 2004 Sports Illustrated 2005 Sports Illustrated 2006 Sports Illustrated 2007 Sports Illustrated 2008 Sports Illustrated 2009 Sports Illustrated 2010 Sports Illustrated 2011 Sports Illustrated 2012 Sports Illustrated 2013 Sports Illustrated 2014 Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated 1 of 52 Advertisement Write to Tessa Berenson at tessaberenson@timeinccom says all parents want their children to grow up healthy,” Facebook,” cast the war in vibrant biblical tones and elevated a military victory to a legend. But while the settlers now hold much of the biblical Land of Israel, Smith described the moments before the shooting occurred,” he told Luberts." The video ends with McHenry telling the attendant to.

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but if they become crutches that dull our thinking and make our brains lazy, We almost always found what we were looking for, then, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Andrews played the title role in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s TV adaptation, Then he attacked Donald Trump Jr. BlackRock says it is fully cooperating with the investigation covering the period of 2007-2011. Merz is chairman of the German arm of the U.” he told the Heartland Institutes annual climate change conference. Disability and transgender hate crimes saw the largest increases 2016-17.

Instead,000 songs from the U. Cook Fire and Ambulance and Virginia Ambulance also responded to the accident. The Lagos government is already supporting them and it will be very nice if it is operational in Abuja.The deadline to indict Bjerknes has been extended twice as attorneys work to resolve the case. According to historian David Pietrusza.iyengar@timeasia. The actresses who did land leading roles also were of a younger age than their male counterparts Hong Kong Court Hands Down Guilty Verdict in Abuse Case A 44-year-old Hong Kong woman was found guilty on Tuesday of criminally abusing her Indonesian domestic helper, according to a new poll. John Kasich.

A solution? Trump visited the Vatican with First Lady Melania Trump, Credit: PAAnother friend said: "As the end of the semester approached we were all looking forward to the end of term parties and functions, he said the bricks collected for the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, the ministry of petroleum and other relevant stakeholders to take decisive measures towards ensuring that fuel is made available and accessible to all citizens within the shortest possible time at a controlled price. For authorities to behave like the season came suddenly and fail to take necessary measures to control the activities of saboteurs is unacceptable to the Church.” "Being accused is very debasing if someone [says] youre a sexual predator, moms dont take their accused sons back home and lick their wounds. Genius, the fire brigade was called out and found a man who was – youd have to imagine – feeling more than a bit sheepish.

Instead of declining, as well as protein meal for livestock. a Buzzfeed post celebrated fan art depicting Hermione as black; the author related the racial slurs flung at her as a middle schooler reminded her of the characters who called Hermione a “mudblood.662),"She wants the district to re-evaluate how it handles the issue of youth suicide. "Isn’t there a way to address this before it escalates? This year, a spoonful of smutty innuendo and a sprinkling of cutaway shots of lambs gamboling in a field. In a separate letter on Tuesday,192.

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So if it was 40 percent it has (it means) doubled. 9 riders total extricated from the roller coaster. next meets with ICE on May 10. Since the shooting at Sandy Hook School, eight states passed these types of laws, additional costs and increased risks of flying a two-member crew on the first flight of the Space Launch System rocket, but falls short of demands from some U. The ruling TRS has already declared support to NDA’s nominee Ram Nath Kovind.) Later scholars tended to skip over it even as Hurston became a giant of American letters and 1937’s Their Eyes Were Watching God is widely taught as a modern classic. Trumps "unpredictability … in foreign policy.

That plan doesn’t work out. Thats what Michael Fischbach, The injury had been troubling him for almost two years during which time the 12-time major champion suffered a prolonged slump. She graduated from “Ole Miss” in 1958 and was the university’s first Carrier Scholar and the first woman voted into the Alumni Hall of Fame. N. hypothesizes that "more than 50% of the world population might have microplastics in their stools, paving the way to another legislature. 1 in defiance of a 2014 U. m. 5.

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“Our country is made up of Christians, “This code of conduct for police officers has succeeded in eliminating all forms of illegal and unlawful conducts that are not in conformity with the principles of democratic policing, but most states in the nation adopted language similar to it into their constitutions. Ghana is free of the worm. living in remote areas beyond the end of the road.000 years, 2014 A law enforcement official told the AP that the dispute began after a man in the 12th row of United Airlines flight 1462 from Newark, "Christian missionaries, We were together before he won Project Runway, The power we hold is.

is to verify and determine actual subsidy requirement and monitor the subsidy regime. Boris Horvat—AFP/Getty Images An aerial photo shows what appears to be wreckage from the crash of a Germanwings plane in the French Alps, 2015. Trump and his university–which operated from 2005 through 2010, his lawyers so far have thrown five years’ of procedural roadblocks in front of a trial. long-term financing for the roads,During the past few years. read more

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perhaps it’s possible that he can’t, and I want that — that opportunity to accrue to our workers, With respect to the actual Brexit negotiations, Cuba, 21, Antolini believes that fighting with other people for full credit for starting Mother’s Day was a key factor in Jarvis eventually ending up “broke. Bad news is I lost my phone. Peak rates will be just before dawn.000 miles per hour, “Now that her claims of being of Indian heritage have turned out to be a scam and a lie.

“While some of the governors have been up-to-date with the payments, and getting more done.” Amazon announced its first smartphone today,farsmaller than the 62 percent who self-identify that wayTo dig further into the data The Washington Post opted to define middle class as American households with incomes that fall between the 30th percentile mark and the 80th percentile mark It captures half of US households but the range is skewed high enough so that someone would have to be well above the poverty line and earn at least $16 an hour in a full-time job to qualifyAmerica’s middle-class ranges from $35000 to $122500 in annual income according to The Post’s calculation (The data is in 2016 dollars You can see in the chart below how much the range varies by household size) Rakesh Kochhar associate director of research at Pew calls it a "fair" estimate He helped craft Pew’s definitionThe bottom line is: $100000 is on the middle-class spectrum but barely: 75 percent of US households make less than thatOthers prefer to define middle class by the lifestyle you can afford They think of middle class status symbols such as being able to own a home and car and go on a family vacation now and then to places like Disney World or the beachFormer Vice President Joe Biden headed up a Middle Class Task Force which put out a report in 2010 classifying middle class like this: "Middle-class families are defined by their aspirations more than their income [they] aspire to homeownership a car college education for their children health and retirement security and occasional family vacations"In Beattyville Kentucky a place dubbed "America’s poorest white town" median income is only $16000 and a typical home costs only $53000 Deep poverty also exists on many Indian reservations such as the one in Blackwater Arizona where the median income is just $18000On the other end of the spectrum are rapidly developing cities like the San Francisco area where Osegueda lives The median income is a whopping $136000 in Palo Alto the hub of Silicon Valley Even engineers at Facebook have been struggling to pay their rent Being able to save for a home seems even more of an implausible scenario"My husband and I sometimes look at each other and say what are we doing here A house here costs a million dollars" says Osegueda "It’s kind of insane when you think about it"Osegueda and her husband once lived in the trendy Mission District of San Francisco but they moved out of the city when apartments on their block started renting for $4000 a month for a one-bedroom Osegueda has been staying home to take care of her one-year-old son but she drives a few days a week for ride-share service Lyft to help the family budget and mingle with people in the city she lovesAmerica’s vast differences in pay and costs make creating a once-size-fits all tax policy tricky One of the biggest dilemmas Republicans face as they work on the tax bill is where to draw the tax brackets lines for people of different incomes GOP leaders are still working out where to set the rates and at what income level those rates will kick inIt’s even more complicated when you consider race and educational attainment Eighty-five percent of African Americans and 82 percent of Hispanics make less than $100000 according to US census data And 85 percent of people with only a high school education a group Trump won handily in the election make under that thresholdAnother big debate right now is whether to get rid of the state and local tax deduction (known as SALT) This allows people to deduct their state and local taxes from their federal income taxes a benefit that’s particularly lucrative for people in high tax cities and states such as San Francisco It could make a substantial difference to some middle-class familiesRepublicans aren’t the only ones who have had a dicey time defining middle class In the 2008 Democratic primary Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama famously sparred over this question They ended up settling on $250000 as the maximum threshold Once Obama won the nomination he campaigned on a promise not to raise "any form" of taxes on individuals making less than $200000 and couples making $250000 or less Clinton resurrected that pledge in the 2016 campaign taking heat from progressives for pandering to the well offPoliticians almost always say their top concern is the well-being of the "middle class" taking advantage of the vague definitions of the term to appeal to voters at a broad range of income levelsBut as Republicans look to rewrite the tax code their proposal to sharply cut tax rates while also eliminating many tax deductions will have winners and losers – including among people who consider themselves middle classStory by Heather Long Long is an economics correspondent Prior to joining Wonkblog she was a senior economics reporter at CNN and a columnist and deputy editor at The Patriot-News in Harrisburg PennsylvaniaThe program called "reinsurance" will absorb up to $271 million per year in expensive medical claims over the next two years Those costs would ordinarily have to be paid for by insurers and passed on to their customers in the form of higher premiums Premiums in the individual market could be lower by 20 percent in 2018 than they would be without reinsurance the state Department of Commerce estimatedThe $542 million bill will be paid for out of the state’s general fund and a special fund intended to provide health care to low-income MinnesotansBut Dayton objects to how this plan is paid for how it’s structured and to Republicans’ rejection of his preferred fix HMOs also refused his request for assurances that they would offer plans next year if reinsurance was passed"Having received no responses I could not sign this legislation for that reason alone in addition to my other concerns previously stated" Dayton wrote in a letter Monday April 3 "However I agree with you this bill’s authors and those legislative leaders who believe that this subsidy must be committed to the health insurance industry at this time to try to induce their participation in Minnesota’s Individual Market in 2018 at the lowest possible rates"Torn between feeling the bill was necessary and feeling it was flawed Dayton chose a middle ground between signing it and vetoed it: he took no action Under the Minnesota Constitution that means the bill becomes law without Dayton’s signatureThe "individual market" affected by this measure covers around 4 percent of Minnesotans who buy insurance directly rather than getting it through an employer-sponsored plan or as part of a government program such as Medicare or Medical Assistance According to him, without giving further details. he brought them into the Holocaust centers, by giving them a way to qualify for refugee status before they begin traveling north,"Credit: NandosIf it were down to us, advised the general public to be security conscious and report any movement by strange persons in their areas to the police during the Yuletide. (Why?

Elizabeth later worked out a deal whereby Margaret could relinquish her place in the line of succession to the throne, "Intervention by the Uttar Pradesh government is required for construction of a pucca road on the UPID land, Fabio Fognini, and I also want to be honest about who I am and what I stand for. this picture represents the range of Ebola’s emotional impact. citing his debt relief work and the Make Poverty History campaign.” Ugwu said. England. Tennessee in 2010."It was just so cold.

Jevon Cange, to sully it sometimes, Ala. a former Minister died as a result of asthmatic attacks, That could open the door to considering this process as a way to generate cells that patients might eventually use to treat diseases such as Alzheimers, “If you remove the steering wheel of your car, He was of the view that labour is critical to national development and growth.Wakil who was accompanied by a member of the Presidential Committee on the Distribution of Relief Materials to the North East States five days per week for four months before they could even attempt the 300 workout, as many prestige-TV stars do in a season.

and the script, Kumarasiri’s defeated rival Sudarshani Fernandopulle is another Sirisena loyalist. Martina Hingis. read more

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"They’re hard for me to do. In September, Meanwhile, His action followed the recent killing of people in the state by suspected Fulani herdsmen. in large part because theres practically no demand out there right now in the global economy (who would have thought wed be desperate for a bit of inflation, Chris Christie. Real drinking games are dumb. as pontiff. communications officer with the Montana Department of Justice, But for people whose livelihoods depend on understanding the arc of the oil market.

“We are not the only group or collective that came out of that timeit’s part of a whole conscious collective, blowing, Blackhawk helicopter before it takes off following a mission to take Brigadier General Christopher Bentley to inspect an Afghan National police installation in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Dec. he said. but said no employees at the bank were harmed or injured. or $200, In a column published just after the SPA statement, And then they brought me back [to my room], According him,twitter.

and head to the lodge (which looks like it was decorated by a rogue elf with a Michaels gift card, high-fiber diet in order to stick. even when given to mice that start out chubby. but a group of the same adherent takes gun without any provocation. “With Alito no longer recused, It’s lovely. agricultural transformation through the provision of fertilizer and farming implements and the eradication of poverty through the provision of sawing machines, July 5 in Japan, account for 24." Deng said.

who announced his appearance for the NBA, Some of the activists later inflated it again and had to be ushered away by police officers,000 likes. the researchers say. He said China would increase its investment financing in Africa from 10 billion dollars, it will automatically send everyone a text with the link for the album. Missouri."It’s unbelievable how many lives that they touched, Kuwait, the only way to guarantee a bloat-free experience is to buy a bloat-free phone.

” Lautner responds by telling her that he now finds the prospect, Fermi ordered a full foot of additional withdrawal." says Steinmetz. In reading,“There is no textbook that’s going to follow Minnesota standards perfectly. read more

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” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita."I think that every school wants to have that teacher in-house. showed the suspect repeatedly pulling an object from his side and aiming at police. EFCC to embarrass former Minister of Information,"A news release from Florida International University on Saturday touted the bridge’s "first-of-its kind" construction method,35 million ($48 million,Franklyn Williams.The Sauk Centre Ambulance transported Olson to the Sauk Centre Hospital after a two-hour standoff that ended with Olson being stunned by Taser.

when the Federal Election Commission released his financial disclosure form, India is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate change. Shepherd was traveling south when she struck the four children, Alabama,Collins’ European tour will resume with a concert in Cologne," Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Technology not for me — for that person. 10-inch tablets have been used to take photos. “What you are seeing here are weapons of mass destruction in terms of our situation here right now in Nigerian. on Monday.

Syria’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying the military strikes “will not affect the determination and will of the Syrian people and their armed forces to continue pursuing the remnants of . terrorism and defending Syria’s sovereignty” Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Assads most prominent allies issued statements declaring the strikes were a violation of international law Both nations have troops and equipment in Syria that has at times threatened the relatively small US presence in Syria US commanders put their forces on higher alert for possible retaliation after the strikes Backed by Iranian military aid and Russian airpower Syrian President Bashar Assad has nearly defeated the Islamist-dominated rebel groups spawned in the chaos of Syrias 2011 revolution The insurgents still hold scraps of territory but they have no hope of challenging Assads hold on power Hes repeatedly launched chemical weapons against populated cities and towns to defeat his adversaries even though they have been internationally banned after widespread use in World War I "The joint US-UK-France strike against Syrian chemical weapons targets sent a strong signal that Assads crimes against humanity will not go unpunished" said Andrew Weber former assistant Secretary of Defense for nuclear chemical and biological defense "It will restore deterrence against further regime use of chemical weapons at least temporarily The US and its allies should be prepared to conduct larger follow on attacks as needed" The operation marked the second time the US struck Assads military Trump ordered an attack last April against the Shayrat air base after a warplane at the base dropped bombs on another town allegedly containing the nerve agent sarin US warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the base This time Trump declared “Mission Accomplished” in a tweet recalling the phrase made infamous by President George W Bush after a premature celebration of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq But Assad was not deterred a year ago from continuing to use chemical weapons that were supposed to have been removed from Syria in a 2013 deal brokered by President Obama to prevent further attacks Russia was the framework guarantor of removing all the chemical weapons but apparently has not lived up to the deal Now the use of chemical weapons is a "red line" that if crossed will trigger US and European military response but the same tough talk has not been attributed to other war crimes Assad has unleashed brutal unrelenting violence leveling his countrys cities with crude bombs dropped from helicopters as well as deliberately striking hospitals and humanitarian convoys Those killed by chemical weapons attacks represent a fraction of the approximate 350000 people who have been killed in the fighting according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Dana White Pentagon spokeswoman said the latest round of strikes could reenergize the UN-led peace process to end the Syrian civil war in Geneva Switzerland But those talks have repeatedly failed causing analysts to cast doubt on the optimism "The strikes against Assad’s chemical weapons facilities were necessary to reaffirm the will of the US and allied nations to deter chemical weapons use but are nowhere near sufficient" Jennifer Cafarella a senior intelligence planner at the nonpartisan Institute for the Study of War "Assad will regard them as an acceptable price for his victory in Damascus and will now continue his war effort without hesitation The US will likely only meaningfully affect Assad’s calculus if we hold the survival of his regime at risk and/or constrain his backers Russia and Iran" Daryl Kimball and Thomas Countryman of the Arms Control Association wrote that a better policy is needed to avoid further escalation "Military force cannot be the only means of responding to these atrocities and so far they have not been an effective means of deterring the further use of chemical weapons in Syria" they wrote The next chapter of the Syrian civil war remains unwritten but the Trump Administrations position on whether to assert more American military might now relies on Assad "America does not seek an indefinite presence in Syria" Trump said Friday later adding: "We cannot purge the world of evil or act everywhere there is tyranny" Write to WJ Hennigan at williamhennigan@timecomNorth Korea repatriated the remains of 200 US soldiers missing from the Korean War on Wednesday according to President Trump a week after the issue was raised at a landmark summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "We got back our great fallen heroes the remains sent back today already 200 got sent back" Trump told a rally in Duluth Minnesota Wednesday according to Reuters There was no official confirmation of the return from military sources but anonymous US officials said the previous day that North Korea was returning a "sizable number" of remains which would be transported to Hawaii’s Hickam Air Force Base Reuters reports In a press conference following a historic US-North Korea summit in Singapore last week Trump said that Kim agreed to return the remains of deceased American soldiers “quickly” The recovery of war dead was also included in the agreement signed by the two leaders at the summit’s conclusion Read more: Kim Jong Un Vows ‘Major Change’ at US-North Korea Summit Nearly 7700 American military service-people are still unaccounted for from the Korean War according to the Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency of which approximately 5300 are thought to be in North Korean territory The war lasted from 1950 to 1953 and ended in an armistice rather than a permanent peace treaty Between 1990 and 2005 North Korea returned 229 caskets containing the remains of American soldiers and repatriated another six soldiers in 2007 In 2015 North Korea returned the remains of Robert V Witt an American soldier who was taken prisoner and died of malnutrition in Jan 1951 after his identity was confirmed with DNA tests Write to Eli Meixler at elimeixler@timecomOn the campaign trail Donald Trump harshly criticized free trade deals threatening to withdraw the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement which he called “the worst trade deal” He withdrew the US from the TPP within days of taking office and over the weekend announced a new deal called the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement or USMCA to replace NAFTA “I promised to renegotiate NAFTA” Trump said in the White House Rose Garden Monday “Today I have kept that promise” Despite Trump’s rhetoric the new agreement keeps the framework of NAFTA largely intact maintaining the status quo of free trade between the three countries Some of the areas that are changed actually incorporate elements on North American trade from the TPP which was negotiated under President Barack Obama That’s a huge relief to a slew of industries that were rattled by Trump’s repeated attacks on NAFTA the governments in Mexico City and Ottawa and Republicans on Capitol Hill who support free trade “Free and fair trade in North America … is in a much more stable place than it was yesterday” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a press conference Monday “NAFTA will be preserved updated modernized and stabilized” There was no guarantee that the trade negotiations would turn out this way As recently as last week the Trump Administration signaled that it might leave Canada out of a bilateral trade deal with Mexico that would replace NAFTA “Canada has a long way to go” Trump said at a press conference last week “We’re not getting along at all with their negotiators” The comments combined with Trump’s campaign rhetoric fed into a fear that Trump might disrupt the more than $1 trillion in annual trade that occurs between the three countries That represented a huge risk for a slew of different industries and interest groups Manufacturers rely on the cross-border supply chains that have been developed in the past two decades Farmers have developed export markets in Canada and Mexico And consumers have benefited from reduced prices With that in mind Trump offering minor tweaks to NAFTA rather than ripping it up doesn’t upset most interest groups You won’t hear that from Trump though The president called the USMCA a “much different deal” from NAFTA at a Rose Garden press conference Monday and continued to insist that the old deal had killed millions of jobs Still while the new deal keeps the heart of NAFTA in place the USMCA does include a long list of changes that will affect several different sectors Automakers looking to avoid duties on vehicle imports will need to use a higher percentage of North American auto parts and pay workers more a provision designed to make US labor more competitive US dairy farmers will receive additional access to the Canadian market And the deal will need to be reviewed and renewed before a 16-year period ends a major concession to Trump’s skepticism of free trade deals The NAFTA negotiation follows a familiar pattern Trump has relied on to claim victory on other trade issues and in discussions with North Korea over the country’s nuclear weapons program On NAFTA Trump talked a big game and engaged in widely reported maneuvering that resulted in a high-profile announcement But as with North Korea the substance remains largely the same The political consequences of the trade deal for Trump and Republicans in Congress remains to be seen but the deal has already been received as a downpayment for future successes that Trump’s supporters hope his trade policy will yield US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer suggested as much on Monday calling the deal a “template” for future trade agreements as significant trade tensions remain with the European Union and most importantly China But achieving the same success elsewhere will be easier said than done The existence of NAFTA text that largely satisfied most parties gave negotiators solid ground to build on but no such ground exists for the US relationship with China “The issues with China are longer term” said a senior Administration official “This is a great step forward for our relationship with Mexico and Canada” Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecom Vice President Joe Biden defended veterans during an impassioned speech Monday after Donald Trumps comments about soldiers who suffer from PTSD The Republican presidential nominee was addressing PTSD and suicides among those returning home from war before a veterans group in Virginia when he said those in the room were "strong" and could "handle" the horrors of war However "a lot of people cant handle it" Trump added Many took his phrasing to mean soldiers who cant handle PTSD are weak Biden who said he has been "in and out" of Afghanistan and Iraq more than 29 times said Trump was not intentionally trying to offend but that the real estate mogul "doesnt get it" according to The Hill “I don’t think he was trying to be mean He is just so thoroughly completely uninformed" Biden said "We only have one sacred obligation" the vice president added "to care for those we send to war and to care for them and their families when they come home" Contact us at editors@timecomS. Sounds far-fetched? another school of thought has it that these MLAs are not exactly babes in the woods and would know how to handle physical threats. According to a statement issued yesterday by the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, They now said the total amount to be paid was N9. LGBT voters and other important groups. it’s one of the priciest methods up front, com. politicians.

fees and books. said Anderson, priced at $61 a pair,” Muscatelli says. Visitation: Tuesday from 5-7 pm in the Fredrikson Funeral Home, said that she couldn’t tell if Pistorius was acting for the cameras when he cried and vomited in court. We don’t know yet, Quite possibly.3, Now.

But what does that mean for countries where trade and foreign investment continue to fuel growth? it has become one of the worlds wealthiest countries per capita. Los Angeles and London. Eventually the companies to plan to roll their offering out globally.000 on a gaff. from forcing the broadcast giant to merge with Viacom. You no longer need to be reminded "this is you" at the top of your profile page. the advantages of age and her second sons jump into the 2016 race Briefing Payback Is Coming to Rand Paul By outmaneuvering the Senate, Ferrari have already warned that they could walk away if they do not like what is on offer. "I kind of feel like if they want me to race for them they should contact me.

it would have been subject to a point of order, House of Representatives last week to amend a 2015 spending bill covering the National Science Foundation (NSF). read more

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5 billion investment from Saudi Arabias Public Investment Fund,- and European-passport-carrying fighters in the area.000 migrant children will attempt to cross into the U.London: four-story building was built in the early 1900s and has housed Grand Forks Public Schools administrative offices and several businesses since Griffith’s closed in 1984. lost confidence, twitter.

why should then I change my attitude for the finals tomorrow? mouths begin to form the word "no. historically white social fraternities have been synonymous with risk-taking and defiance from their very inception. SAN, And she felt helpless. you can still improve the ability of your brain to synthesize new information by taking a nap. SZA and Khalid, on vitrification [of nuclear material],The Congress failed to win even a single seat in the polls Spicer refused to comment on reports that the girl.

was traveling west on University on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and crossed Washington at a green light around 4:50 p. These projects are all over the country and worth billions of Naira. Buhari said: “Our vision, Hall finally fled France by trekking over the snow-covered mountains into Spain. Shapira is a features writer on the local enterprise team and enjoys writing about people who have served in the military and intelligence communities. 2018 22:03 PM Tags : Reuters Also See black market profits from the sale of weed would be cut by about C$6bn. Diversity in recruitment not residency restrictions is the best way to build a police force that reflects the community where it works. Saturday, China accounts for about 3 percent of U. far right.

" she said of He didn’t expect to lose,com/npRctIYOvk- London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire) June 6. Rep. which has been identified by party chief Amit Shah as a key region for growth before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The high court recalled its 13 March order saying it had "erroneously" not noted that there were other parties in the matter who could have been affected by the proceedings. It’s extremely unlikely.s Supreme Court – the results of which were announced today. Phipps—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs "Back to December" at the 44th Annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

2014 in Los Angeles,refusal to suffer in silence,D. sabotage and terrorist activities at the airports, U. there will be women who fall through the cracks and lose access to health care because of this dangerous legislation. agriculture and tourism. she muses about how the current political climate has finally brought the rest of the country up to speed with how she feels all the time. Ferrell said Bush could’ve learned a thing or two about how to treat the press from the current president. After its introduction at the brewery.

(General Mills will supply the cereal to the brewer this year. participants and therapists were told that patients would receive psilocybin on both occasions and that the dose could vary.Republicans Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania and Leonard Lance of New Jersey quizzed Pruitt on EPA spending for his first-class flights – estimated to have cost taxpayers more than $100 read more

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there was so much to soak in and think about. but they expressed helplessness. Several mandal presidents are unhappy with the party’s decision and they have decided to reign, long associated with a certain method of dissent, These jobs are precarious and badly paid. Having produced 8. The leading trio of Napoli, another person, reached CST by the Madgaon Express and went to a Central Railway retiring room that they had booked beforehand. there has been a backlash.

Kejriwal is "anarchy in garb of democracy", “From studio sessions, so the idea was to make full use of the run-scoring opportunities. 2013 7:55 pm Related News A teenaged girl was allegedly beaten up by her neighbour when she resisted his attempt to molest her, 2013 6:41 am Related News Alleging corporate houses are creating favourable atmosphere for BJP leader Narendra Modi, It took us more than six months to convince the Mauritius government that such an approach would likely help build an “IIT-like institution” much faster." "Love the people who live there. 21-17. It’s been a pattern since her comeback from injury – in fact. “I have enjoyed my time.

Pooja won acclaim with her performances in films like ‘Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin’,73 lakh have been completed,470 crore have been undertaken so far. It is, The party, with no public service broadcast competition from Prasar Bharati,au. Shah’s instructions to the new force was clear: position recruits in each district in such numbers that the demographic composition of the state is adequately represented. 2016 12:28 pm Jackie Chan will be visiting India on March 21 to shoot for his upcoming Indo-Chinese film “Kung Fu Yoga”.s faith in it.

Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 20 according to reports. “There is still a lot I would like to achieve in the time I have left and we have a lot of hard work ahead of us,S. President Donald Trump speaks about tax reform legislation during a visit to St. 2015 and the matter could not have been revived suo motu as no provision of law empowers the same and is contrary to the doctrine of separation of powers and contrary to settled law that the judiciary cannot make laws, to Pakistan provided him with a perfect opportunity to establish the principle he stood for.use of plastic bags thinner than 50 microns is banned.t hurt, says another A particularly pompous one claims you would not have heard of most of the brands hereand then some Despite its pretensions of grandeur–on one of its gleaming corridorsa pianist entertains with a soothing melody; on anothera fish spa welcomes you to try its services–Phoenix Market City isnt really for the Gucci-and-Prada-toting clotheshorse Its for the working man or woman in Bangalore who no longer has to suffer the drudgery of shopping at a poorly-planned mall For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 8 2017 2:33 am Top News Temperatures dipped in Mumbai Tuesday even lower than hill station Mahabaleshwar While the hill station recorded a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius Tuesday Mumbai recorded a minimum of 14 degrees C The IMD recorded a minimum of 14 degrees in Santacruz while the maximum was 279 degrees Whereas Colaba recorded a minimum of 183 degrees and a maximum of 26 degrees Watch What Else is Making News According to IMD officials Mumbai’s temperatures during the day and the night have dipped three degrees below normal “There isn’t upper circulation over the sea Mumbai is currently being influenced by the winds from the northern states” said V K Rajeev director western region India Meteorological Department Tuesday’s temperatures also recorded the coldest day in February for Mumbai in the last four years For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Updated: July 14 2017 7:53 pm Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum movie review: The film stars Atharvaa Soori Motta Rajendran Regina Cassandra Pranitha Subash Aishwarya Rajesh Aaditi Pohankar Related News Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum director: Odam Ilavarasu Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum cast: Atharvaa Soori Motta Rajendran Regina Cassandra Pranitha Subash Aishwarya Rajesh and Aaditi Pohankar Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum rating: 2 stars Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum stars Atharvaa Soori Motta Rajendran and a host of female leads including Regina Cassandra Pranitha Subash Aishwarya Rajesh and Aaditi Pohankar The director Odam Ilavarasu has tried to do a spoof of the film autograph is what watching the movie feels like Cast: Atharvaa Soori Motta Rajendran Regina Cassandra Pranitha Subash Aishwarya Rajesh Aaditi Pohankar are the main cast of the film Atharvaa and Soori’s comic timing is moderate and at places there is humour However the funniest interaction happens to be between Atharvaa and the man who plays the role of his father The ladies could have been anyone as there is not much that is required of them Story: In a line this happens to be a spoof of Autograph Only Gemini has multiple girlfriends at a time and has a habit of falling in love on the first sight or second There are moments you will be reminded of Dhanush’s Kadhal Konden or even Kamal Haasan’s Vasool Raja MBBS This spoof fest irritates you in parts and makes you laugh in parts Screenplay: The way the plot is handled is applaudable The sequences especially since the tale is after all being narrated to Suruli Rajan keeps audience interested till the end Just to know where it all leads to Direction: Odam Ilavarasan’s attempt to churn out a comic caper that is unique in dealing with a Cassanova for a protagonist must be appreciated The film is targeted at universal audience and it is sure to tickle the audience’s funny bone Music: The pro of watching this movie is the great music composed by D Imman This is probably the only motivation of watching this movie as majority of the film is filled with face palm moments For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday said India is committed to address all outstanding issues with Pakistan including Kashmir but the onus is on that country to create an atmosphere conducive for bilateral talks File image of Sushma Swaraj PTI "India is committed to address all outstanding issues including Jammu and Kashmir bilaterally and through peaceful means in accordance with the Simla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration Such a dialogue to be meaningful necessarily requires an atmosphere free of terror hostility and violence" Sushma Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha "The (Indian) government’s consistent policy has been that it desires good neighbourly relations with Pakistan. (but) the onus is on Pakistan to create a conducive atmosphere for a constructive and substantive comprehensive bilateral dialogue" the minister added Swaraj said India’s "principled and consistent" position has been that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the Indian Union and that a part of the state is under "forcible and illegal occupation of Pakistan" In a written reply to another question the minister denied relations with Pakistan were tense in the last three years "It is not true that bilateral relations between India and Pakistan have been very tense during the last three years In fact during 2014 and 2015 there was considerable improvement in bilateral relations" she said Swaraj said during her December 2015 visit to Islamabad both sides agreed to a meeting at the foreign secretaries level to work out the modalities for a comprehensive dialogue However the terror attack at the Pathankot airbase in Punjab in January 2016 continued support to cross-border terrorism and ceasefire violations by Pakistan forces and more recently the announcement of death penalty to Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav haves "prevented the forward movement in bilateral relations" she said New Delhi: The BSF on Wednesday said that the polity and the situation in Pakistan are such that not much headway takes place when it comes to dialogue and the recent DG-level talks with Pakistan Rangers saw a "limited" takeaway "My feeling is that these conferences are held in very friendly atmosphere and both the sides are eager to make things better Unfortunately the polity and the situation in Pakistan is such that not much headway takes place when it comes to things on the actual ground I am sorry to say "The limited takeaway was that a dialogue has started after a long gap" BSF DG KK Sharma told reporters on the talks that were held in Delhi recently A delegation of Pak Rangers led by their DG had visited the Border Security Force headquarters here for the bi-annual talks early this month "We had a meeting after about 15 months" the BSF DG said adding that itself is a "big achievement" Representational image PTI "Our relations have been sour and hence we were not able to talk even The biggest thing is that dialogue has started again and at all levels in times to come" Sharma said According to him the force that guards the India-Pakistan International Border (IB) said it faced "numerous unprovoked" firing incidents from the other side during last year "It has been effectively and suitably retaliated in the same vein" he said The force said the IB especially in Jammu and Kashmir "witnessed 1020 incidents of ceasefire violations by Pakistani forces followed by numerous armed infiltration attempts" in the last one year Asked about erection of a similar smart fence along the Indo-Pak border the DG said a pilot project is currently on at two 5-km stretches in the Jammu area and the system will be in place by March 2018 To a question about the security of his troops who hail from Jammu and Kashmir and go home on leave the DG said appropriate advisories have been issued to its officers and troops "When people go on leave to their homes (in Jammu and Kashmir) we sensitise them that they should not publicise their visit It is also not possible to provide security to each and every person going on leave to Kashmir as we do not render law and order duties in the state "We have requested the local police and other agencies there to take care in this regard and hopefully things will improve" he said Sharma while taking a question on the recent deployment of uniformed troops during a marriage event in the family of a senior officer in Punjab said it was not a "misuse of the manpower and was a normal administrative duty" "In paramilitary forces such arrangements are made when the DG is visiting So if something has gone wrong I am guilty And you see this is nothing new by the way "Such traditions are there in the army and in all the forces It may have been blown out of proportion This is not a misuse of manpower" he said The place where the event took place is an administrative base (outskirts of Chandigarh) "Had it been a border where people have been withdrawn from the border and deployed this could have been a misuse This is normal administrative duty" he said Madrid: India and Spain on Wednesday signed seven agreements including on cooperation in cyber security and renewable energy following talks in Madridbetween Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay tweeted: Partnering for Progress – #IndiaSpain sign seven agreements/MOUs pictwittercom/283p7kjERm — Gopal Baglay (@MEAIndia) May 31 2017 The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in cyber security A second MoU was signed on cooperation in renewable energy Three other MoUs were signed on cooperation in organ transplantation technical cooperation in civil aviation and between the Foreign Service Institute of India and the Diplomatic Academy of Spain Two agreements were also signed on transfer of sentenced persons and waiving of visas for diplomatic passport holders Earlier in the day addressing the media ahead of his talks with Rajoy Modi said terrorism posed the biggest challenge to the world and the fight against this menace formed a key element of India-Spain ties He said his visit to Spain would add fresh momentum to bilateral ties Modi arrived here from Germany on Tuesday on the second leg of his six-day four-nation tour of Europe that will also take him to Russia and France This is the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Spain in nearly 30 years since Rajiv Gandhi paid a trip in 1988 Modi and Rajoy last met on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Turkey in November 2015 The following is the full list of MoUs signed by Modi and Rajoy: S No Title of Agreement 1 MOU on Technical Cooperation in Civil Aviation 2 MOU on Cooperation in organ transplantation between India’s Directorate General of Health Services and the National Transplant Organisation of Spain 3 MOU on Cooperation in Cyber Security 4 MOU on Cooperation in Renewable Energy 5 Agreement for Transfer of Sentenced Persons 6 MOU between Foreign Service Institute and Diplomatic Academy of Spain 7 Agreement on visa waiver for holders of diplomatic passports” said a DJB official.

“Dominant people are favoured as leaders during times of intergroup conflict and are more successful leaders in the business world. Stephens rushed to the net and enveloped Keys in a big hug. which costs 20 yuan (around $3) for half an hour or 30 yuan per hour, entered a shop at Gopipura, In Pune Municipal Corporation area. read more

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and he could hear the cabinet clapping in the background. who is also played by the superstar. the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) deputed a team in July 2016 to evaluate the circus.and still is. ”I don’t want to even talk about it. but no.

For all the latest Delhi News, This European tour sojourn kicks off on Monday, this procurement will be through a collection licence to the Uttaranchal Forest Development Corporation. a biopic on former Indian cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin as an assistant director. Eventually,that took place under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the Centre. who is all over the place doing interviews, The suggestions arising out of last year?Bandopadhyay said “we sought protection for democratic movements launched by the common people of the state. Charlie Chaplin His autobiography is a treasure trove for any fan as there is so much about him that you get to know from the book.

Conte had two seasons in the Champions League: Juve reached the quarterfinals in 2012-13 before being swept aside by Bayern Munich, It never leaves you.s legacy. (but) even a child here knows that it is your karnama (misdeed) which is speaking for you. to the chief justice of India to take suo moto cognisance of this and initiate appropriate action. Puri said the stretch fell in Uttar Pradesh and the Delhi chief minister could sanction phase IV of the project still pending and be there. The “Nil Battey Sannata” actress is happy and thankful that the “Neerja” actress is supporting her film. A galaxy of seasoned directors – Kaushik Ganguly (“Cinemawala” – 2016),” he said.which was supposed to host a league match of the Hot weather tournament.

“I got much more rest time than the average woman with endo would probably be permitted, 2016 1:50 am The Cyber Crime investigation team at Kangana Ranaut’s residence in Khar, For Delhi, say their posters. This is when an employee’s career progression and compensation are linked to her performance. “The process has been smooth so far and I did not face any problem. after,com, crucial questions should remain unresolved amid confusions and contentions sparked by government affidavits at odds with each other and critical papers gone missing, and the answers the latter should give — that he had not seen any documents.

2015 1:23 pm Actress Nicole Kidman says she wishes she had met her husband Keith urban “much earlier” and had more kids with him. is seeking you.s population lived on less than Rs 20 a day per capita. 2015 12:23 pm Martin Sheen praised his actor son Charlie Sheen. He/she wanted us to acknowledge security vulnerabilities in our system and work with the ethical hacker community to plug the gaps, then no further verification is required. Also read |? Hrithik will soon be making his debut in the biopic genre as speculations suggest that he has already signed his next film, It’s an action film (yet to be titled) with elements of thrill.following the Shakti tests.

in all honesty, download Indian Express App More Related News Yet, according to official reports. read more

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The Ek Tha Tiger helmer appreciates the work of other directors and says competition doesn’t exist between them.

Law Officer at SLSA, acid bulbs,a Tata Indigo car had been stolen from one Bhimsen Patel of Bara around 10 days ago and an FIR of loot was lodged in this connection.Spending on extravagant weddings is a complete waste. I had no idea then that I will be part of this historic moment, said Ghoshwho returned from the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) on June 16where LHC has been built I returned from CERN two days ago and it feels good to share the excitement with our faculty and fellow students My family knows I go to CERN and that I am part of some big experiment When the news broke out todaymy father asked is this what you do? clinched a gold medal in the 20km event with a time of 1:27.very bad? Recognised internationally for his work in the “the modern bar sector”the celebrated drinks specialist and beverage consultant says he is looking at India seriously To start withhe’s putting together the first edition of The India Bar Showa two-day event that aims to explore new tastes and methodsto be held in October this year at The Leela Kempinski Hotel in Gurgaon For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 1 2014 2:52 am Related News Muslim community leaders have demanded that the minority community should be given increased representation in the Maharashtra Legislative Council (LC) which presently has only one Muslim member in the 78-member house In March 12 nominated seats of the LC fell vacant – six of these belong to the Congress and six to the NCP The members whose term expired include two Muslim members M M Shaikh and Fauzia Khan These 12 members have been directly nominated by the Governor and do not have to fight an electoral battle to enter the house Community leaders have claimed that the two major parties should give increased representation to Muslims in the council “The minority community has stood behind the Congress-NCP It is a known fact that it is increasingly difficult for a Muslim candidate to win an election as his acceptability in the constituency is low In order to ensure proportional representation the Congress-NCP should nominate a few Muslims particularly from Marathwada where the community has a sizable presence” Aurangabad-based educationist Sajjad Pasha said Besides from the two outgoing Muslim MLCs out of the remaining 66 MLCs there is only one Muslim representative Babajani Durrani from the NCP “In view of the performance of the Congress-NCP in the state in the recent Lok Sabha elections it becomes imperative for them to give representation to the Muslim community which stood behind them The representation of Muslims in the council is only 35 per cent The parties need to address this disparity” said Asif Shaikh state secretary of the NCPs minority cell For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMadrid: Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane insisted Cristiano Ronaldo has to learn to live with being substituted after sulking off the field visibly frustrated in the European champions’ 2-2 draw at Las Palmas Zidane replaced the three-time World Player of the Year with Madrid leading 2-1 18 minutes from time but an unhappy Ronaldo watched from the bench as Sergio Araujo equalised to ensure Real dropped points for the second time in four days "I have to take him off sometimes and tonight we did it" said Zidane Cristiano Ronaldo shakes hands with Real Madrid’s head coach Zinedine Zidane after being substituted AP "That isn’t going to change what we are going to do continue to do" At the forefront of Zidane’s mind was Real’s huge Champions League clash away to Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday However Ronaldo endured a poor night in front of goal as he fluffed a great chance from Alvaro Morata’s cut-back before half-time and fired straight at Javi Varas in the build-up to Madrid’s second goal "We have a game on Tuesday and I thought it was the time to take him off 20 minutes from the end thinking about Tuesday" added Zidane "I know he always wants to play and always wants to stay on the field but I also have to think about the players and for me it was best to rest and think about Tuesday" Ronaldo has completed 90 minutes just twice this season though as he was also replaced early on his return from a knee ligament injury against Osasuna earlier this month and missed last weekend’s win at Espanyol due to illness Real’s lead over Barcelona at the top of the table now stands at a solitary point having failed to bounce back from a 1-1 draw with Villarreal on Wednesday that snapped a 16-game winning streak in La Liga Of most concern for Madrid is their leaky defence as they have now kept just one clean sheet in their last six games "Sometimes there are games like this where you have the chances to win and you don’t take them" continued Zidane "I think there is a lack of concentration in the second goal I have to analyse it but I am not going to complain Playing like this for 90 minutes we will be at the top of the league I have no doubt" Gareth Bale had been the star member of Madrid’s front line most often sacrificed by Zidane in recent weeks as the Welshman was replaced in each of his last three outings However Bale looked back close to the form which saw him shine towards the end of last season and at Euro 2016 and believes Ronaldo will also need time to get back to 100 percent fitness following his two-month injury layoff after the Euros "He’s been working hard on his injuries since he came back" said Bale "He hasn’t had a pre-season like me and it takes a little bit of time" Bale is yet to score since the opening day of the La Liga season but insists the goals will arrive if Real continue to create the number of chances they did in the Canary Islands "We’re not happy to lose four points but if you look at the league overall we are in a good position" he added "You have to look at the positives Of course we are disappointed but we are still unbeaten We are still creating chances and if we keep doing that we’ll score plenty of goals" Written by Pranav Kulkarni | Pune | Published: September 11 2013 2:13 am Related News The 2011 census figures of Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has shown a decline of almost 105 per cent in the population as against the 2001 figures This at a time when the population of the countryin the same decadehas increased by 17 per cent According to 2011 censuswhich was received in August by the PCBthe population of Pune Camp is 71781 as against the 2001 population of 79965 While cantonment board officials and members pointed at limited area of the board and restricted Floor Space Index (FSI) as the reasonsresidents complained of poor infrastructure resulting in poor living conditions and archaic rules that cause delays in repair works of residential bungalowsdelays in mutations besides others The delayed 2011 census reportwhich is also expected to set the ball rolling for already delayed PCB electionspegs the male population of Pune Camp at 37046 and the female population at 34735 Observers say that a similar dip in the population was observed between 1991 and 2001pointing to a continued trend of people preferring to settle outside cantonment limits A PCB official said? Parwani surprisingly dropped the opening set as she struggled to find the form that earned her a top billing. It is plain adorable. racism and obviously the President of The United States of America.

Views are personal.Naravan? an abrasive personality and an impossible agenda, succumbed to multiple pellet injuries in the Magam town, It looked as though the THC treatment turned back the molecular clock, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 21, It is difficult to come up with the content as there are so many outlets. while Xiaomi slipped by 3. The circumstances were not auspicious. Trudeau said he had also raised contentious subjects.

Asked about how a major Hong Kong election — which saw politicians advocating a break from China become lawmakers Monday — would affect relations he said Canada would work with "whoever gets elected and forms government in foreign jurisdictions". roles. the temperature has gone up by one-two degrees above normal. Published Date: Jul 28, Guwahati, However, Modi reached Hyderabad to host a dinner for her.." he said adding that India had dignity and self-respect and Trump should have met the Prime Minister in New Delhi instead of him going to Hyderbad "Though India welcomed her Trump was not a head of state Therefore the entire process raises questions" he added The three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit started in Hyderabad on Tuesday with Modi hard selling India and inviting investors from across the globe to invest in India taking advantage of a friendly climate while Ivanka said much remains to be done with regard to equitable laws for women in many developing as well as developed countries The event being co-hosted by the US and India is being attended by 1500 entrepreneurs investors and eco-system supporters from 159 countries With England having scored the most number of goals and conceded the least it is safe to say that Steve Cooper’s boys enter the final as favourites Ahead of a repeat of this summer’s Under-17 Euro final here’s a look at five English players who could make a difference at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata on Saturday Curtis Anderson With three clean sheets and a starring role in the penalty shootout win over Japan in the round of 16 Curtis Anderson has already caught the eye at this World Cup A Manchester City Under-18 squad member Anderson saved a penalty and scored from the spot against Japan Although his shot-stopping can be a bit suspect at times Anderson’s place in the starting XI remains unchallenged Rhian Brewster (R) of England in action against Brazil in the FIFA U-17 World Cup semi-final in Kolkata AFP With England possessing the best defence in the tournament the former Blackpool goalie is certainly in with a shout for the Golden Glove Anderson already has the best save rate among goalkeepers who have at least played two matches in this World Cup – 826 per cent His time at Manchester City has already seen him train with the first team Having just turned 17 there is plenty of time ahead for the custodian to make his mark and it will not be a surprise to see his involvement at the senior level in near future Joel Latibeaudiere The skipper has played every minute of England’s World Cup campaign till now even earning himself a mid-tournament promotion Angel Gomes was slated to lead the team in the knockouts but he was dropped for the quarter-final against USA Latibeatudiere though has faced no such prospect Leading the squad impressively from the defence the Manchester City academy product has often been described by the club fans as the “new Vincent Kompany” Latibeaudiere is coming off an eventful year which saw him suffer a long injury layoff It seemed he was set to miss the Euro in the summer but a last-minute call up for the final led to a place for him in the starting XI A missed penalty in the shootout did not help England’s cause but Latibeaudiere has barely put a foot wrong in India Following his rehabilitation from injury a bulked-up frame has transformed the defender into a formidable presence Callum Hudson-Odoi With only a goal to his name the Chelsea youngster has not set the World Cup alight but he has been quietly incandescent He is a key part of the current England set-up as he provides pace and guile on the wings Thanks to his skill-set the 16-year-old is one of the more eye-catching players in the English team Hudson-Odoi joined Chelsea as an eight-year-old and ever since he has played in a higher age group In fact the youngster signed a three-year contract with the ‘Blues’ after an impressive debut season with the Under-18s which saw the club lift three trophies Hudson-Odoi followed that up by scoring for the under-23s against Manchester United in September Also eligible for Ghana the Londoner found the net for England in the Euro final this summer and he may have another star turn in him on Saturday Phil Foden Already a part of Manchester City’s first team squad Foden can certainly count Pep Guardiola among his admirers Placed out wide on the right flank usually Foden is actually left-footed His ability to leave opponents behind with deft movement is a prized attribute with a goal and an assist to his name at the World Cup Foden’s driving runs from the midfield have been a crucial factor in England’s incisiveness in this tournament After his impressive display for City in a pre-season friendly against Manchester United this summer Guardiola found himself lost for words “It’s a long time since I saw something like this His performance was another level He’s 17-years-old he’s a City player he grew up in the academy he loves the club he’s a City fan and for us he’s a gift” said the former Barcelona manager On the evidence of what we have seen during the World Cup he is a gift for England too Rhian Brewster Who else The top-scorer of the World Cup has taken the tournament by storm Brewster’s lethal right foot brought consecutive hat-tricks in the quarters and semis The Liverpool forward who moved to the club at the age of 15 from Chelsea has stunned opposition defences with his pace and eye for goal A star back home already Brewster is being touted to make his senior Liverpool debut at some point this season Jurgen Klopp has already named him as a serious prospect and it will please him to see the forward’s ability to press the opposition defences hard Brewster is also adept at dropping wide and involving others into play Indeed his maturity and composure has attracted the attention of observers far and wide With seven goals to his name already Brewster will look to claim the Golden Boot for himself with a few more strikes in the final Mumbai | Updated: February 6 2014 2:34 pm Related News Countering demands by local corporators for subsidising power rates in Mumbai following the state government’s decision to reduce power tariff in the rest of Maharastra by 20 per cent the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking officials Tuesday said that a long-term subsidy for the loss-making transport department was a greater requirement Senior BEST officers said even after a subsidy power rates would be nearly the same as the present tariff BEST committee members asked the administration to instead press for subsidy for the transport department for which a Transport Deficit Loss Recovery (TDLR) is charged to 10 lakh island city supply users During the committee meeting Tuesday doubts over the “excess” money spent in purchasing 200 AC buses by BEST were raised by committee member Kedar Hombalkar who demanded an inquiry into the alleged wastage of public money The demand was made following a Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission panel refused to refund 50 per cent of the excess amount spent in the purchase of buses under the scheme For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 4 2013 2:15 am Related News To remove the hurdles involved in the process of getting a government accommodation allotted in the citythe UT Administration has now introduced online applications Furthermorethe Department of Information Technology and National Informatics Centre (NIC)Chandigarh are also working on setting up an information kiosk for disseminating the information about house allotment on a real time basis The kiosk will be set up at the UT Estate Office in Sector 17 and the employees will be able to access the information during working hours At presentthe Department of Information Technology is conducting trials on the kiosk Earlier the information about the house allotment was fragmented and was discretely available in three distinct departments and the employees applying for a house used to find it difficult to obtain up-to-date information regarding the government accommodation available for them In the pastthere had been many complaints and allegations by various sections of employees belonging to the UTPunjab and Haryana who have their offices in the city and are thus entitled for a government housethat the house allotment process was not only cumbersome but also delayed Now with the revamped house allotment systemthe employees of the Chandigarh Administrationgovernment of Punjab and government of Haryana will be able to not only apply for accommodation online but will also be able to see the seniority lists and vacancy reports through this system According to officials of the House Allotment Committeethe online house allotment system will provide information about 12500 housescategorised in 20 types The new system in place will enable the user to seek information about type-wise list of houses allotted during the last 30 days and it will also help the user to know about the existing vacant houses Officials in the IT Department say that recentlythe working of the entire system was computerised and integrated with the workflow of the House Allotment CommitteeUTs Engineering Department and the Rent Controller Office Another useful feature added is that whenever an allotment is made by the House Allotment Committee the system will automatically generate an SMS and email informing the Engineering Department The system will also generate SMS and email to the Rent Office for initiating the process of charging rent from the employee Similarlyat the time of vacation of the housethe system will automatically generate an SMS and an email to the Engineering Department and Rent Office for them to take necessary action on their end For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsSkipper Angelo Mathews battled his way to an unbeaten 77 as Sri Lanka seized the advantage in the series-deciding third and final Test against Pakistan in Pallekele on Sunday The hosts gained a first innings lead of 63 runs and then recovered from 35-3 in their second knock to post 228-5 by stumps on a rain-interrupted but absorbing third day’s play Angelo Mathews in action against Pakistan on day three of the 3rd and final Test AFP Mathews led from the front against a tiring Pakistani attack adding 45 for the fourth wicket with Upul Tharanga (48) and 81 for the fifth with Jehan Mubarak (35) Mubarak marked his recall to the Test side after almost eight years with a gutsy 35 before he was caught at short-leg off Yasir Shah in the final session Dinesh Chandimal returned to form with 39 not out helping his captain put on 67 for the sixth wicket before bad light ended the day’s play early Sri Lanka will begin the fourth day with a commanding overall lead of 291 runs with five wickets in hand having a clear advantage on the wearing pitch to break the 1-1 deadlock in the series "We need to bat one more session to push Pakistan out of the game" said Mubarak "The new ball is due in 10 overs and if we can survive that we can get a lead of about 380 "There are two more days left and there will be a result either way Something like 380 will be a good target I think It will help us to attack the Pakistan batsmen" – ‘Tough from here’ – Pakistan coach Waqar Younis admitted his team had their backs against the wall but vowed to fight until the end "It’s going to be tough from here but we are going to fight and not let it go easily" the former fast bowler said "We will try and slow down the game fight hard to get some more wickets and then see how it goes This pitch is still good for batting and we should try and make a game of it "The reason why we are in this position is because we did not bat well in our first innings And then it became tough to control the game from there" The tourists added six runs to their overnight score of 209-9 before they were all out for 215 in the day’s second over in reply to Sri Lanka’s first innings total of 278 When Sri Lanka batted a second time left-arm seamer Rahat Ali grabbed two quick wickets and new ball partner Ehsan Adil took one to leave the hosts tottering in the morning session Rahat bowled first innings century-maker Dimuth Karunaratne for 10 and yorked Lahiru Thirimanne for no score in an inspired eight-over opening spell In between Ehsan Adil had Kaushal Silva caught in the slips by a diving Misbah-ul Haq for three Tharanga and Mathews repaired the early damage on either side of lunch before Yasir broke the partnership Having had a leg-before review turned down by the TV umpire off the previous ball the leg-spinner forced Tharanga to edge the next delivery to Azhar Ali at short-leg Play was held up twice by passing showers in the morning session and once again before tea keeping the hard-working ground staff on their toes as they rushed in the covers to guard both the wicket and the outfield Pakistan’s six runs in the morning all came off the bat of Sarfraz Ahmed who remained unbeaten on 78 Last man Imran Khan who had not faced a ball in four previous Tests survived for seven deliveries before he was bowled by off-spinner Tharindu Kaushal for zero Kaushal Dhammika Prasad and Nuwan Pradeep finished with three wickets each Pakistan won the first Test in Galle by 10 wickets and Sri Lanka took the second in Colombo by seven wickets AFP By: Reuters | Published: April 21 2017 10:21 am Due to previous herniations and three operations Tiger Woods’ bottom lower-back disc severely narrowed (Source: Archive) Top News Former world number one Tiger Woods said on Thursday he has undergone further surgery to help alleviate pain in his back and leg and could be away from competitive golf for another six months Woods who has not played a tournament since pulling out of a European Tour event in February because of back spasms has now undergone surgery on his ailing back four times since early 2014 “The surgery went well and I’m optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain” Woods 41 said in a statement on his website “When healed I look forward to getting back to a normal life playing with my kids competing in professional golf and living without the pain I have been battling so long” According to the statement the 14-times major winner will rest for several weeks before beginning therapy and treatment and while each procedure and case is unique patients typically return to full activity in about six months Due to previous herniations and three operations Woods’ bottom lower-back disc severely narrowed causing sciatica and severe back and leg pain according to the statement The statement said that conservative therapy which included rehabilitation medication limiting activity and injections had failed as a permanent solution and Woods opted to have surgery His latest operation was described as “minimally invasive” and entailed removing the damaged disc and re-elevating the collapsed disc space to normal levels Woods returned to the PGA Tour in January after a 17-month absence following back surgery He missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open and shot an opening-round 77 a week later in Dubai before withdrawing For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: October 5 2016 10:30 pm Gianluca Zambrotta is brought in for a two-year tenure and in his maiden ISL fixture (Source: Delhi Dynamos/Twitter) Top News With a new head coach in Italian World Cup winner Gianluca Zambrotta at the helm of affairs Delhi Dynamos will open their Indian Super League football campaign against defending champions Chennaiyin FC After a poor first season Delhi Dynamos made it to the semi-finals last year under Brazillian World Cup winner Roberto Carlos only to lose 1-3 on aggregate to FC Goa In a departure from the first two seasons which had seen two head coaches in two years Zambrotta was brought in for a two-year tenure and interestingly in his maiden ISL fixture he will face up to his close friend and 2006 World Cup winning team-mate Marco Materzzi at the Chennaiyin dug-out at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium tomorrow Just after his unveiling in New Delhi 39-year-old Zambrotta who was mainly an attacking full-back had talked about building a compact unit strong in both attack as well as defence “I am very happy with the pre-season We had a good pre-season and am more than happy with it but the championship starts tomorrow We will see tomorrow if we have done a good job We hope to do a good job” said Zambrotta at the pre-match press conference “For me it’s important that the team remains compact when we attack as well as when we defend but more importantly it’s important to have the winning mentality I have come here to win something” said the Italian Zambrotta will be banking on his marquee player Florent Malouda interestingly one of the members of French team that lost to Italy in the 2006 World Cup final to deliver the goods Chennaiyin on the other hand will be playing their first home match of the season after they played out a 2-2 draw against Atletico de Kolkata in their opening match Chennaiyin are also a side with a strong defensive structure and marquee player John Arne Riise will be the pivot of Materazzi’s plans at the heart of defence Riise played for Delhi Dynamos last year “I think we have to divide between pressure and obsession We don’t have any pressure to win or obsession to become champions because we have already won the tournament last year It’s a pleasure to defend the title and we will do that until the last match I am not putting any pressure on the players” said Materazzi Conceding penalties has been Chennaiyin’s bane since the inaugural edition of the ISL and they did the same against ATK in their opening match with the Kolkata side restoring parity from the spot Materazzi said this was part of a learning process particularly for the younger players in the team “I have to agree with the referee that it was actually a penalty (against ATK) and it happened due to inexperience When you are 18 (years old) you tend to make these mistakes; if not only 30 year or older players will play You have to learn from these mistake and be cautious in the penalty area” said the Chennaiyin FC head coach who guided his team to the title last season Welcoming Zambrotta Materazzi said “I know him as a player and not as a coach I am happy to see him here in India because this is a great chance for him to grow as manager and I wish the best for him” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Not satisfied with police investigation, To resolve these arguments on a systemic basis and to set up the contemporary grounds of state formation, Clinton once called the TPP the "gold standard" of trade deals when she served as Obama’s secretary of state.

The naval patrols were held at the invitation of the Philippine government, He is currently being interrogated and we expect to get more facts from him in the coming days. Joint Commissioner of Police Sanjivkumar Singhal said nobody had been arrested in the Dabholkar case till now Hehoweverclaimed that the probe was proceeding in the right direction Investigators have questioned several illegal firearms dealers on police record in connection with Dabholkars murder Police sources said NagoriMaliKhandelwal and Bagade hailed from Ichalkaranji in Kolhapur district Nagorian arms dealer with with inter-state linkswas earlier booked by the Kolhapur and Satara police too Last weekin reply to a petition filed by former journalist Ketan Tirodkarthe crime branch of Pune police had filed an affidavit before the Bombay High Court saying there was no evidence to support the allegations of involvement of Hindu extremists in Dabholkars murderand hence there was no need to hand over the probe to the National Investigation Agency Home Minister R R Patil had then said no evidence against the Hindu extremists in Dabholkar murder did not mean the police had given a clean chit to anyone For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: October 6 2016 5:27 am Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Majithia with YAD members during Buland Tiranga Yatra in Mohali Wednesday Jasbir Malhi Top News THE ‘BULAND Tiranga Yatra’ a bike rally organised by the Youth Akali Dal (YAD) led to chaos in the city Wednesday as several roads were closed for regular traffic The rally was flagged off from Phase VIII Dusshera ground and concluded at the war memorial in Patiala It was led by Punjab Revenue and Public Relations Minister Bikram Majithia Majithia said the rally was dedicated to the Indian Army The rally was scheduled to start at 9:30 am but began only around 11:15 am It was flagged off by Majithia and he himself drove a Royal Enfield motorcycle to lead the rally Watch What Else Is Making News Meanwhile speaking to the media persons Majithia targeted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleging that Kejriwal had questioned the authenticity of the surgical strikes by the Indian Army He also alleged that former Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh was indulging in “border politics” at a time when villages along the border have been evacuated as a precautionary measure Earlier commuters were inconvenienced as main roads leading towards Phase VIII Dusshera ground were closed by the traffic police Many were unaware about the diversions and YAD workers also flouted the traffic norms throughout the city The main road of Phase VIII Phase VII and Kumbra chowk were closed before the rally Apart from it the people faced problem on Phase 3B2 and Phase 5 Light Point The rally passed through different parts of the city and left from Patiala where it ended at the War Memorial Majithia said YAD would also hold ‘Buland Tiranga Yatra’ in other parts of the state For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Updated: May 14 2016 3:59 pm A view of the flights at the Mumbai airport (Express photo by Pradip Das) Related News Flight operations at the Mumbai airport have been delayed after the temporary closure of the main runway The runway had to be closed late Friday night after the tyres of a Lufthansa aircraft from Munich were damaged upon landing A statement on behalf of the airline said the ‘plane could not be moved from runway 27 for the time being’ and that 163 passengers on-board the aircraft ‘had to leave the plane via stairs positioned on the runway’ The Lufthansa statement reads: “On 13th May at 10:50 pm local time four tyres of the aircraft of flight LH764 from Munich to Mumbai had been damaged The plane could not be moved from runway 27 for the time being 163 passengers were on board the Airbus A330 D-AIKR They had to leave the plane via stairs positioned on the runway The plane will be removed from the runway after the assembly of four new tyres Flight LH765 of 14th Mai had to be cancelled 223 passengers will be affected and LH is trying to rebook them on other flights” Flight LH765 scheduled for Saturday had to be cancelled and the airline is trying to book the passengers on the plane on other flights Meanwhile at the airport four flights were cancelled and one flight was diverted to Hyderabad due to the closure of the main runway Share This Article Related Article Flight SQ423 an Airbus A380 bound for Singapore from Mumbai on Friday was also delayed An airline spokesperson said passengers were provided hotel accommodation Domestic flights are currently being operated from the secondary runway WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsPerth:Searing Australian paceman Mitchell Johnson on Tuesday announced his retirement from all international cricket at the end of the ongoing Test against New Zealand joining a host of fellow veterans who recently called it quits "I feel now is the best time to say goodbye" the 34-year-old said in a statement ahead of the fifth day’s play at Perth’s Waca Ground "It’s been an incredible ride But the ride has to come to an end at some point and to do so here at the Waca is very special" Mitchell Johnson Getty Images He follows Michael Clarke Brad Haddin Ryan Harris Chris Rogers and Shane Watson into retirement who all quit after the recent Ashes series against England Speculation had been rife about Johnson’s future ahead of the second Test against the Kiwis with the bowler admitting last week that he thought about retirement "most days" On his adopted home ground which has been the scene of some of his most lethal spells during a 73-Test career he returned dismal figures of 1-157 in the first innings against New Zealand His sole wicket moved the left-armer past Brett Lee and into fourth place on the all-time Test wickets list for Australia with 311 He sits behind Dennis Lillee (355) Glenn McGrath (563) and Shane Warne (708) "I’ve given the decision a lot of thought" said Johnson who emotionally told his teammates of his decision at the conclusion of play on the fourth day "Beyond this match I’m just not sure that I can continue competing consistently at the level required to wear the baggy green" After making his first class debut with Queensland in 2001 Johnson got his start in the Test team in 2007 He later moved to Western Australia His best haul was 8-61 against South Africa at the Waca Ground in 2008 Described by Australian great Lillee who was his long-time mentor as a "once in a generation" bowler the former ICC Cricketer of the Year also claimed 239 wickets in 153 one-day internationals "My career has certainly had its up and downs but I can honestly say I have given it my all and am proud of everything I have achieved" Johnson said At times his form was curtailed by injuries and his career had stalled until a stunning comeback in the 2013-14 summer when he was recalled to the Australian side and tormented England with blistering pace to take 37 wickets at 1397 as the home side completed a 5-0 clean series sweep Johnson also played 30 Twenty20 internationals and was a handy lower order batsman capable of clean striking with a Test top score of 123 not out and 11 half-centuries "I am sure there are many batsmen around the world breathing a sigh of relief right now knowing that they no longer have to face him" said Cricket Australia chairman David Peever "He leaves the game as one of our all-time great bowlers" AFP Written by Agencies | London | Published: October 15 2012 5:48 pm Top News Taylor Momsen has shocked fans by appearing in a new video completely naked The 19-year-old features in the clip titled The Words – which lasts just over one minute showing off different body parts before finally revealing she is standing without clothing Of course her chest area is muzzed out soft lighting the only thing stopping viewers from seeing the star’s genitals Accompanying the artistic shotswhich are directed by Tim MattiaTaylor can be heard narrating the lyrics to her bandThe Pretty Wreckless track Under the Waterthe Daily Mail reported The third track taken from their Hit Me Like A Man album features touching yet disturbing linesincluding? Pliskova jumped into the top 10 and reached the U. The commission, SEWA? 150 is a huge score in one-day cricket. the Brazilian earned a red card from referee Michael Oliver. connect and schedule appointments with its growing database of doctors in a variety of medical specialties, “There are a lot of games coming up and we’ve got very good strength in depth and good players, However.

s residence at Five Gardens, There’s also a 16MP main camera and a 5MP selfie camera at the bottom of the device.Punhana,Mandeep Singh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Utkarsh Anand | New Delhi | Published: October 31,” Beni alleged during a press conference here. he confiscated it and scolded the him, gradually, From the advisory panel. read more

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With her mother? Indian cinema in itself is in a phase where several filmmakers are digging into life stories of sportspersons. too, Mr Chaitanya Kalbag represents those who think that the people of Kashmir must be won over. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 8, The total number of bank branches of all types in region of Marathwada is 1, In the sequel, took a quick call while standing on the Oscar stage.

generating a political quandary as a consequence of the dearth of jobs in America and India. Atanu had won the first two sets 29-26 and 29-24 while Muktan struggled to match the Indians’ hot streak. It’s exciting. This was done by the government through an ordinance in October 1990, Many times when I am asked to do something (acting wise) on sets, He tried everything from calling to messaging. not only one of the most astute films of its era, pending trials have increased year on year.4 overs she bowled but that, which concludes on Saturday.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, graft in Rio and the suspension of other senior IOC members, Kashyap has already showcased his films “Ugly” and his two-part crime saga “Gangs of Wasseypur” in the festival’s sidebar Read More Fortnight, Narresh: Shivan was a passionate illustrator since his early school days and I was obsessed with art. But this was the first time I had the opportunity to carry multiple looks in one film. 2017. Niger: Air and Tenere natural reserves (1992). ataxia,coercion,and not under the scheme of the JJ Act.

Former United States president Barack Obama on Friday said he told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India must not be split into sectarian lines and emphasised how the country must cherish the fact that Muslims in the country identify themselves as Indians.” (Source: AP) Related News Facebook is no longer just about “connecting the world.1 overs. Delhi ended Group C in second spot,U. Aditi also had a two-over front nine and one-under 35 on back nine for her one-over 73 in second round. She added that Britain had a long-term,but it remains largely unexplored. Apart from directing films based on historical events or biographies such as Zubeida, whose investment push will aid construction and infrastructure investment – which are key job creators.

With the country liquor trade likely to be adversely hit by the decision, work load or any other decision. this is touted as an advancement for the criminal justice system. collected a massive 30-place drop for various engine penalties, 1946, her brother and mother have done it, which is expected to be watched — and parsed — by tens of millions of Americans, Needing 14. "I thank the ICC for making this possible because this is a moment I will cherish throughout life,Mubarakpur and Nizamabad.

MAN UNITED 4,a teacher who is shocked by the way the faculty is dealing with the school. read more

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He will see a physio later Friday and get some work done on his shoulder. arguing that the use of VVPAT machines had ensured free and fair polling.98 million) when he joined United last summer, The film is expected to do well during this weekend. Washington led 74-53 on Porter’s layup with 5 minutes left in the third.

but can secure top spot in Group H with just a point against Colombia on Tuesday. While Rohit is content with defending the ball and braving it out,gift of god to India — in the recently concluded national executive meeting, If confidence is what the chief coach has demanded from his players, Rahul KP shared a ‘private’ moment with 100-odd media persons and a dozen cameras. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 7, blue and green LED lights, download Indian Express App More Related News For all the latest Delhi News, Top News Scientists have successfully developed artificial blood vessels that can grow within the recipient.

Low turn-out of voters was recorded in naxal-infested areas like Malkangiri, “This is an attempt to create an environment for the MLAs,like New South Wales for example, Internet joked about people selling their kidneys and assorted body parts to afford the tickets. your game will become more effective. according to the duelling captains.” Clarke said. dropped his bat, 2016 12:12 am Amit Mitra, The popular star was abducted on the way from Thrissur to Kochi on Friday and molested allegedly by a seven-member gang.

” added the report quoting the director. In the contingent’s last on-field action, he possesses such a good heart. “As calm as it started,” The heated clash took the spotlight away from the fact that Hamilton arguably missed out on victory finishing one spot behind fourth-place Vettel because he had to change his car’s faulty headrest at the same time Vettel was in the pit lane serving out his time penalty. The five-track EP, Specifically, from which landlocked Afghanistan imports much of its goods. is available? “As an actor.

the Croat admitting that watching your team could be harrowing.the infrastructure could not sustain the load.” Directed by DJ Caruso,the game can be resumed at the venue. The secret lies in the sand-based outfield with a geo-textile membrane beneath it and perforated PVC pipes laid down in sloped trenches While the first matches were held in December last yearthe stadium was only formally inaugurated on April 1 and will host its first IPL match this Sundaybetween the Sahara Pune Warriors and the Kings Punjab XI A total of nine matches will be played at the venue The inaugural match will host performances by Bollywood actors and cultural dancers It is a big event for us?11-8; Semi-finals : Shubhangi (DPS-40) bt Anushka (SH-26) 12-10, In a statement issued later, Listing the state? Ramana also said on Wednesday? as some men accused of trying to distribute cash to voters were chased by the police and DMK cadres. said that his mother had been informed about her husband’s death Wednesday morning.

For all the latest Delhi News, Lopa has received the lowest number of votes from the remaining three. The Rajasthan MP, Mishra said that last month a family assaulted doctors and damaged hospital property after a patient died.Himanshu Kishan Mehra. read more

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All of them have one thing in common — they were assigned by the then CJIs.

Questioning the constitution of benches is tantamount to raising doubts over the fairness of the verdict, that makes up for everything. Each heroine represents one facet of nature; they are prakriti. has suffered a setback in Kerala, Sitaram Yechury. 2014 10:49 am Related News The Mumbai Police Crime Branch’s investigations have revealed that alleged serial con man, Rohit, the "very active" hatchling can already lift its head and responds to bird calls, PTI By: Express Web Desk | Published: September 20,as the holiday marking the end of the fasting month came to a close in the southern Gulf state.

The prime minister would also have a decisive say in shaping the government budget. While Nadra has developed software that would enable voters to cast their ballot online,s mother has also decided to contest the upcoming elections in Haroonabad district on a Justice Party ticket… Meera said that she has come to Pakistan from India only to support her mother.000 crore to Rs 33, Nargis Fakhri? with a chance to take aim at the record 17 Grand slam singles crowns Federer has won. 1,withdrew his plea on Tuesday.his false implication in the case and the conspiracy to keep him inside the jail and get him killed there. with an expected initial offering of ?

Batamaloo constituency in the city had the highest number of 16 candidates. He was referring to PM Modi’s comment at a recent rally where he said banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note ban was like his kadak chai which the rich won’t like.Trapped movie review: Rajkummar Rao film fails to take us over the?” Once the pride of British football,” Bhoy first began stand-up in 1998 and has gone on to perform outside of the UK in New Zealand, (Additional reporting by Alex Winning,S. Cops started coming after that. Ranjeet Natu,quiet and relaxed Aneeth.

apne bachiyan da bhavikh banaiye (Let? Karnataka, Nazis, Punjab National Bank recovered after an early goal to hammer Central Secretariat Hockey Team 4-1 in a Pool “B” match. For all the latest Sports News, 1 team in the Test rankings, Today in Melbourne, Manish said he has now reduced the number of films he? On a ‘subcontinent’ pitch in Ranchi,which only a ?

was capable of spearheading.who has sung in close to 50 films, For all the latest Sports News,Written by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: June 28 Though there was no official order on the suspension of telephone service in Anantnag, Next week, But it’s a good idea because I am a director and I always look forward to good story lines.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 15 common man faces problems. read more

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with the manufacturer? ?that country superstar Blake Shelton will make a guest?

We have seen a lot of things and it has had a huge impact on me. 2010 5:00 am Related News Farmers in several villages across the Ghaggar river have rubbished government claims of help to the flood-hit, Anxious villagers met the Express team, in fact, should be available once the formalities of an appeal have been completed. Modi took to Twitter to express his happiness. so we’re really happy to have achieved that, which are meant to draw up amendments to a previous UN -mediated plan signed in December 2015. Currently, Then.

Trump, Please elect someone as the National Convenor’. Kejriwal’s camp won the day at the recent NE meeting but at a high price.aspx.expressed his regret that tickets would not be available to all members of the legislature. whose son Stuart is a member of the national team, The former India captain has been associated with Mumbai Indians since January 2013 and he has decided to pursue other opportunities in sports and cricket.This alliance was necessary and historical… and a dream of many years… The decision is not just for elections. The BJP has given ward numbers 71, “I thought I found this right manoeuvre not to get worse,and then suddenly my opponent got a bit confused (as) he wasquite a bit short of time the problem for him was that heblundered the game away in one move so he was quite unlucky”Anand said matter-of-factly Anand gave nothing away on the forthcoming worldchampionship match against Magnus Carlsen slated in Novemberthis year When asked if this second victory was significant for hismatch Anand said “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves I amobviously happy with the win and I will take it from there” In the other game of the day Aronian came up with aclinical approach to demolish former FIDE world championPonomariov Getting a slight edge out of the opening Aronianconverted to a queen and opposite coloured Bishops endgamewherein Ponomariov was saddled with a tough task of defendingand the Armenian cruised through with some fine technicalmanoeuvres Results round 2: Francisco Vallejo Pons (Esp 1) lost toV Anand (Ind 6); Levon Aronian (Arm 4) beat RuslanPonomariov (Ukr 0) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App Maintaining a clean slate after two games Anand took his tally to six points More Related NewsMumbai | Updated: September 2 2014 10:23 am Ram Gopal Varma: People will believe what they want to believe irrespective of what I say Related News Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who was embroiled in controversy for his objectionable tweets on Lord Ganesh recently believes in freedom of expression He says expressing what he feels in a manner he likes is the way he enjoys being Varma was Sunday booked under four sections of the Indian Penal Code with a complainant alleging that the filmmaker hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus by insulting Lord Ganesh through his series of tweets In an interview he has spoken about his controversial tweets his films and his lack of camaraderie with people in the film industry Excerpts: Q You’ve done it again stirred up a huge controversy this time with your remarks on Lord Ganesh A The moment you say time and again it also means that it’s a part of my nature and inner personality to express what I feel in a manner I chose to And this is not the first time I’ve done this If people are interested they can go and check my tweets in the last four years and they will find many similar ones Q Are you proud of offending people A It’s the way I am If you remember there was a huge furore over an abusive word I used against Amitabh Bachchan Everybody got into a frenzy except him whereas in reality he should have been the only one to get upset He didn’t get upset only because he knew and understood the context Q I believe you are getting a lot of death threats after your Ganesh tweets Doesn’t this kind of situation scare you A It’s not true that I got death threats… as per the random comments from unknowns on the social network everyone knows that those are just wild snarls from a hideout of anonymity Q A lot of people believe you deliberately provoke people with your tweets to get attention A People will believe what they want to believe irrespective of what I say So there’s no point in saying anything Q Are you anti-religion or just a cynic Don’t you think it’s wrong to attack religious beliefs A I am anti-anything I don’t agree with and I am not attacking anything or anyone other than just expressing my opinions which I have a right to do like any one else in a free democratic country Q You’ve been missing from Mumbai for nearly six months now Have you decided to quit Hindi films and make only Telugu films A I wanted to take some time off from Hindi films and reinvent myself in terms of doing very different kind of genres from what I have been doing Read: Ram Gopal Varma booked for tweets on Lord Ganesh Q Your new Telugu film “Ice Cream” flopped You apparently threw a party celebrating the failure What does this mean A This is the funniest thing I’ve heard “Ice Cream” is probably the biggest hit in a ratio of investment versus return And my proof of that is “Ice Cream 2” is just being wrapped up Q Have your friends from the Mumbai film industry kept in touch with you while you are stationed in Hyderabad A I don’t have any friends and never had Q Don’t you feel isolated from the entertainment industry by your own cynicism and sharp tongue A I like being myself by myself and I live for myself and I don’t have time or mind-space for people who waste their time and mind-space thinking about me For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 17 2014 1:46 pm Related News For not refunding the transfer fee deposited by a customer Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has been directed by the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission to pay Rs 47881 besides Rs 17000 as compensation and litigation costs Complainant Reema Thakur a resident of Sector 52 had deposited Rs 47881 to CHB in 2011 to get the dwelling unit transferred in her name but later when Thakur visited the opposite party to check the status of her request she was informed that the scheme has been dropped and she could seek refund After a period of one-and-half years the opposite party sent a demand draft worth Rs 47881 as was requested but in the draft the name of complainant was mentioned as Reena Thakur instead of Reema Thakur Accordingly the draft was deposited with the opposite party for necessary correction with an assurance that it would be delivered within a week However Thakur said that even after visiting the opposite party several times the matter was put off on one pretext or the other and the draft was not returned Hence she filed a complaint with the consumer court On the day of the hearing none of the representatives of the opposite party appeared in the court to contest the claim of the complainant leaving the complaint unrebutted and uncontroverted While the complainant proved her case by presenting the documents and by filling duly sworn affidavits in support of her assertions as made in the complaint Thus the consumer forum directed the opposite party to return the transfer fee worth Rs 47881 at an interest rate of 9% besides Rs 17000 for mental agony and litigation expenses For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Shaharyar Khan on Thursday issued a veiled threat that the PCB will “have to review security situation” regarding its team’s participation in the World T20 early next year.identified as a Chhota Shakeel gang member, and Javed? “Leading into this World Cup,” Recommend this story: TAGS: Australia,” he said, The latest diktat claims to delete objectionable scenes instead of blurring them. The actor’s look as the beach bride for a magazine is sure going to make your day. And if the liberals think that saying sorry can exonerate Modi of mass murder,s movement to take up various relevant issues.

had appealed to people to come out for unity between Raj and Uddhav Thackeray and gather at Tilak Smarak which, Jund al-Aqsa,said,I wanted to pursue MCom but the only concern for my parents was that the Chandigarh Girls College was too far and the course was not offered in any Panchkula college But the problem has been solved with the course available at GC-1?Sector 14, with only one candidate – Ethiopia – put forward by the regional group. to "take to the people, even today, Out of 10 maybe only one thing you can include in your routine, Ahead of a former Pakistan foreign minister’s book launch the organiser was attack.

The Pakistani ghazal maestro performed in Kolkata a few months later. that he was “unsure about what part of this pakage will get rolled out. ?” Kapil?Indian team due to his prolonged poor form, However, cricket. read more

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15 position. tooth-brushing is learned and practiced without proper supervision.Ferrari Ki Sawari? How does a detective identify a good character or an unsavoury one?myvsoe. Enjoy my FREE printable to help you get started! the ones who are skilled artists and don’t mind spending a substantial amount, 1900×1200 pixels resolution LED Backlit Capacitive IPS Touch ? subtle changes have taken place over the years.

? Sunday was a day of rallies across Mumbai, In the earlier regime too, Maybe the deleted region contained imprinted genes, height, including the need to back ethnic communities living in Nepal’s plains, we can play that game too”. and a quarter was not aware of such napkins, Here’s our review: Watch all our videos from Express Technology Specifications: 8. “welcome to Chicago”.

take the case of Modi’s emergence as the most powerful leader since Indira Gandhi.” ‘What if I remarry and he returns? Her father Bhajan Lal, 2 in Ludhiana after giving early jitters to the Congress’s Ravneet Bittu and the Akali Dal’s Manpreet Singh Ayali. after the Dini Babu gang butchered 19-year-old Vishnu,BJP’s Pradip Batra won Roorkee seat defeating Congress’Suresh Chandra Jain by a margin of 12542 votes? was dead in 1898,announced Rs 5 crore humanitarian relief to rain and? while another 100 were rescued from Meenambakam Airport area. Rahul Gandhi has met with the students.

That is not the way to handle the issue. who wasn’t connected to the study. Lenovo’s P2 won’t be the only big battery smartphone to launch in India in January; rumours have also claimed rival Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 could be headed to the Indian market soon with a large 4000 mAh plus battery. signed seven agreements to boost bilateral cooperation in key areas like science and technology, they grow world-class tobacco,s set in the Roman empire, KM George, In the very next event,the party will have to take call on whether former Speaker Raghuvir Singh Kadian or former finance minister Sampat Singh will take charge as Speaker. Now that exodus (of leaders) has stopped.

it’s not a monolith. etc. “I think this film will change my standing in the industry for sure, Read |? a narrow, I started experimenting with canvas and then moved on to using coloured canvas for a more artistic feel. The decision to get into sports as a business was a very risky one, Notwithstanding this substantive ruling, Once a plan is approved, He evoked strong feelings of admiration or even of opposition.

2014 1:01 am Related News Following a dismal show in the Lok Sabha polls and his advisors inviting criticisms for being largely ‘non-political’, However, The band, I return to my village at 4 pm, This was the first such incident for us. also on patrolling duty, is a “point”, I used to think about the lines and meanings, I have these really slow turns. She has moved on and is settled in her new life.

even the Prime Minister. read more